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Recommended for younger, middle, and senior. Experimental Entertainment
"Shimajiro Gao Gao's Science Show"

What is the "Science Show"...?
Children who are not yet interested in science can also use experiments in the talk on the stage. The purpose is to foster scientific thinking, such as "predicting and thinking with your own head" and "trying things under different conditions". This year, it will also be held in Kansai and Chubu! Let's make new discoveries with Shimajiro and others at the dynamic venue! 

Gao Gao has wandered into a desert island. To escape from
island, you must answer a problem from the chameleon Scien. Will
Shimajiro escape safely?
entertainment show that is ideal for creating opportunities to think from a scientific perspective, consisting of a story that is easy for even young children to understand and dynamic experiments that unfold in a large hall with four themes: "color", "light", "structure", and "air".

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2023/2/25 (Sat)

2/25 (Saturday)
1st time 12:15 Open / 12:45 Start
2nd time 14:30 Open / 15:00 Start
3rd time 16:45 Open / 17:15 Start

Ticket Fee

first-come, first-served only! All seats reserved: 3,980 yen →3,480 yen! (tax included)

This ticket is available for [phone reservation] are also available.
confetti ticket center0120-240-540(Weekdays 10:00~18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Parthenon Tama Main Hall 


* Children under 2 years old can watch on the lap free of charge for up to 1 person per guardian
* Application is limited to one time per person (up to 8 seats).
* If the performance is canceled, ticket refunds will be announced on the official website.
* Cancellation, refund, or change due to customer's convenience is not possible. Thank you for your understanding.
* Seats are sold without spacing.

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