Puppet troupe Pook
Kinokuniya Hall 2023 New Year's Performance!
Peter and the Wolf / Crocodile Came to the Town [Published in the January issue of Confetti]


Performance content

"Peter and the Wolf"
A large gray wolf appears in front of Peter, who lives in the deep forest with his grandfather, and perolls his friend duck. Peter climbs a tree with a rope in his hand to catch the wolf... "Peter and the Wolf" is the birth of a new world of puppet theater, which weaves the same work for orchestra by Prokofiev, which is loved by children all over the world, with old European instruments and Pook puppets by the Donkey Music Theater.

"I came to the crocodile town"
Once upon a time, on Petrograd Boulevard in Russia, a crocodile suddenly appeared while singing, so there was a big fuss! They wore stylish clothes, hats, and cigars. When the brave Vanya Boya confronts him, what the crocodile says...

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2023/1/2 (Mon) 〜2023/1/5 (Thu)

* Target performances
1/03 (Tuesday) 14:00
1/04 (Wednesday) 10:30
4 people each 8 people in total

* Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the performance

Ticket Fee

Limited to 8 people! 3,190 yen (all seats are unreserved, tax included) → 2,500 yen and 800p get! (Updated 12/27 20:50)

This ticket is available for [phone reservation] is also available.
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0120-240-540 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)
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Kinokuniya Hall


Organizations Overview

Founded in 1929, this is the oldest contemporary puppet theater company in Japan. He has contributed to the establishment and development of contemporary puppet theater for many years, and has created a number of expressive techniques. In 2019, the company celebrated its 90th anniversary. In addition to performances all over Japan, since the establishment of the branch Japan of the International Puppet Theater Federation (Unima) in 1958, he has been actively engaged in overseas exchange, and has many achievements such as co-production, invited performances, and invitations to overseas festivals.

built the Pook Puppet Theater as the Japan's first permanent puppet theater in 1971, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021. Based in Shinjuku, the puppet theater company Pook holds about 300 performances for children and regular performances for adults, as well as the "World Puppet Theater Series" that introduces excellent puppet theater from around the world every year, introduces traditional puppet theater, holds movie shows, lectures, and Akachan Cafe, and is still expanding its activities as a Japan puppet theater center.

Pook's TV division "Studio Nova" will also celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020, and has also produced puppet shows specializing in a wide range of videos, including NHK Educational TV's "Nai Nai Naibaa!" and "Zawazawa Mori no Ganko-chan" and Koki Mitani's "Sherlock Holmes."


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