Theatrical Collective Caramel Box 2022 Christmas Tour
Kronos [Published in the January issue of Confetti]

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[STORY] Kronos Jounter, a machine that flies
matter into the past.
Kazuhiko Fukihara was involved in the development of this machine as a researcher.
One day, at an intersection near the company, a tanker truck overturns and crashes into a corner florist.
Among the florists was Kumiko Fuki, whom Fukihara had been thinking about since junior high school.
go right before the accident happens and help her!
Fukihara boarded the Kronos Jounter and leapt himself into the past...

"The Legend of Kronos Jounter" is a series of short stories by science fiction writer Shinji Kajio. Riding in a time machine named
Kronos Jounter, various figures cross time and fight for their loved ones.
My Caramel Box is a stage adaptation of the first film in the "The Legend of Kronos Jounter" series, "The Trail of Kazuhiko Fukihara", under the title "Kronos" in 2005.
After that, I made four series of stage adaptations (Ashita You Aitai, Miss Dandelion, Your Time I Wanted, and At the Southern Cross Station) one after another, and even made an original work without an original story, Pathfinder.
A total of six works in the Caramel Box Kronos series.
This Christmas, we will perform "Kronos", which is the origin of the festival, for the first time in seven years since its re-performance in 2015.
set in Yokohama on Christmas Eve. Kazuhiko Fukihara, a researcher developing the
Kronos Jounter, loses his high school classmate Miko Fukihara in an accident. In order to save
Kuramiko, Fukihara jumps through time, aiming just before the accident. See
one of the ultimate time travel love stories.
waiting for you. - Yutaka Narui

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2022/12/21 (Wed) 〜2022/12/25 (Sun)

* Eligible performances
December 21 (Wed) 19:00 [Rear attack / Fir tree]
December 22 (Thu) 14:00 [First attack / Holly]
December 23 (Fri) 19:00 [First attack / Holly]
15-20 people each Total 52 people

* The lobby opens one hour before the show starts, and the main doors open 30 minutes before the performance.
* The performance time is about 2 hours, and there is no intermission.

W cast
● First attack / holly ... Sara Yamamoto, Ai Hayami, Sei Yano
● Rear attack / Mominoki ... Ayae Nakao, Marina Ikuta, Buto Tanaka

Ticket Fee

52名限定!8,000円(全席指定・税込) → 6,300円さらに4,300pゲット!(12/20 11時00分更新)

TKTS渋谷店浅草店では、12/20〜 27%OFFさらに5,000 Cポイント券ゲットで発売!

0120-240-540(平日 10:00〜18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Sunshine Theatre


* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.

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