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〜Proclustes' Bed〜
The Case Files of Yu Nikaido

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"The culprit is in here! I wanted to say it once!" "
Spring 2023, Tokyo.
Since dropping out of university, Yu Nikaido, who has been wandering around without a regular job, is staying in the apartment of his friend Yugo Mori. Come on, work," Yugo says, and Yu looks for a job, "I wonder if there is something interesting." The person who came to visit them was the entertainer Kaname Sawayama. In short, Yu is doing something like a detective, and he has heard rumors that he is quite a cut-off.
is "I want you to protect me because I might be killed." Yu, who likes cute things, likes Kaname and accepts without even hearing Yugo stop him.
Kaname said that in recent months they have been receiving mysterious documents from what appears to be the same person. The most recent letter he received said, 'You will die in Proclustes' bed.'
Proclustes is a robber from the myth of "laying a traveler on his bunk, and if he was too short, he would stretch his body to kill him, and if he protruded, he would cut off the protruding part and kill him."
"Not only that..."In short, he tells them that the next mystery event he will appear in will be in the House of Proclestes.
The event where test play begins for the summer, and they rent a mansion deep in the mountains and stay overnight to solve the mystery. In short, they are the performers of the event.
"I want you to participate as a test player and protect me." Yu decides to drag Yugo along to participate.
game seemed to have started peacefully.

The first complete spin-off featuring the popular character "Yu Nikaido" (cast member Takehiro Urao) who appears in the "Destrudeau 9" series, which has been developed in a wide range of fields such as stage, recitation, voice drama, etc. since 2019!
screenplay is written by Ryukuri Watanabe, who has written the entire series.
Tokyo Sogensha 16th Mysteries! With up-and-coming mystery writer Miho Tokoshina, who won the Newcomer Award, as supervising, we will send you a full-scale mystery work.

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2023/4/26 (Wed) 〜2023/4/29 (Sat)

April 26 (Wed) 19:00 -
April 27 (Thu) 14:00 / ★ 19:00 -
April 28 (Fri) 14:00 / 19:00 -
April 29 (Sat) 13:00 / 18:00 ★ -
★ After the performance with after-talk (all cast)

* Doors open 30 minutes before the show starts.
*Running time: approx. 1 hour 55 minutes (no intermission)

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He started his activities with the stage "Destrudeau 9" in September 2019. Produced stage, reading, voice drama, drama CD, and other events.


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