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It's all kidding!
Verdi's masterpiece comedy of the last years

opera giant Verdi worked on the last comedy of his life based on Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" and "Henry IV". Centered on the greedy but lovable old knight Falstaff, cheerful and witty women and young couples unfold this masterpiece full of unparalleled fun and philosophy of life. Musically, it is also advanced, full of exciting music elaborated with meticulous techniques, such as the quintet chorus of the first act and the finale fugue with 10 soloists and chorus. In particular, the finale fugue "Everything in this world is a joke", which Falstaff sparks, is the perfect number to open, which has become a staple at gala concerts.

Jonathan Miller's production is a masterpiece of human insight based on the daily lives of the people depicted in 17th-century Dutch paintings. The elaborate composition and serene use of colors seem to jump out of Vermeer's genre paintings. The spooky comedy that people put on is truly a human anthem for adults.

title role, the famous baritone Nicola Araimo, who is very popular with Rossini and others, makes his long-awaited debut at the New National Theatre. Soprano Roberta Mantegna, who has achieved success in theaters all over Europe with her unparalleled technique and expressiveness, and Mrs. Quickley is performed by Marianna Pizzolato, who has been active in Western opera houses centered on Rossini and is also highly acclaimed for her baroque and early music. Ford will star rising Mexican star Jorge Espino. The conductor will be Corrado Lovaris, whose skills are highly acclaimed mainly in bel canto operas.

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2023/2/10 (Fri) 〜2023/2/18 (Sat)

2/10 (Friday) 19:00
2/12 (Sunday) 14:00
2/15 (Wednesday) 14:00
2/18 (Saturday) 14:00

* Lobby doors open 60 minutes before the start and audience seats open 45 minutes before the start. Admission will be restricted after the performance starts.
*Approx. 2 hours 35 minutes (including breaks)
If there is a significant change, we will inform you again at a later date. Please check the official performance time just before the opening date.

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New National Theatre Opera Palace


* Tickets for this performance are prohibited from being transferred for a fee without the consent of the organizer.
This performance will be sold after confirming the name and contact information of the purchaser.

* In order to maintain an appropriate distance in response to infection prevention, seats in rows 1 to 2 on the first floor will not be sold.
* We plan to sell it with a normal seating arrangement (excluding rows 1 to 2 on the 1st floor).
* If there is a change in the limit of the event capacity at the discretion of the government or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, ticket sales may be suspended in the middle of the event.
* Please refrain from accompanying or entering preschool children. Children are also required to purchase one ticket per person.
* It may be difficult to see the stage by the wall, near the handrail, on the balcony, and in some seats on the upper floors. Thank you for your understanding.
* Depending on the performance date and seat type, it may not be available.
* Tickets will not be changed or refunded except for those who are eligible for the cancellation of performances and the guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection at the New National Theatre.
* Due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection or unavoidable circumstances, the content of the performance and staff / cast may change.
* In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, childcare services and backstage tours will be suspended for the time being.
* Due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, the content of the performance and the invited staff and cast may change.

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