RAW SPLAY produce Marukado Project 7th Performance
"Bundle the light of the mundane spotlight"

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Notice of cancellation of all performances and acceptance of refunds

RAW SPLAY produce 7th performance of Marukado Project
"Bundle the light of the ordinary spotlight" All performances have been canceled.

[Notice from the organizer]

"Bundle the Light of the Ordinary Spotlight" performance scheduled to be performed at the Lore Hall on January 6 & #12316; 9, 2023. We have decided to cancel the entire schedule. The reasons for the cancellation of the
performance are that

/ one person related to the performance was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus
, two days later, another person was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus
, and then three fever people were confirmed over several days. Confirmed negative result There was a negative result Based on the occurrence of

or above, the test and rehearsal were canceled, but the stage director and the director department judged that it would be difficult to perform safely due to the lack of rehearsal days due to the cancellation of
rehearsal. In addition, based on the current spread of the new coronavirus infection in Tokyo, we have decided that we should prioritize preventing a further increase in the number of zagumi infections, so we have decided to cancel the performance after repeated discussions with the production department.
In accordance with the judgment based on the new corona infection control guidelines in Tokyo, we would like to report that there are 0 people involved in the performance who are close contacts. For information related to various performances, such as announcements about the future handling of product sales such as

support visuals, please check the RAW SPLAY / Marukado Project official Twitter as we will inform you later.

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/marukado_band

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and concern caused to everyone who was looking forward to this performance.
Thank you for your understanding.

Marukado Planning


Refund period: 2023/1/11 (Wed) 10:00 - 2023/1/31 (Tue) 23:59
The refund procedure differs depending on the "payment method" at the time of ticket purchase.
Please check the "Payment Method" section.
* There is no need to deposit if you have not paid. Please wait for the deposit to expire.
* Please note that confetti points increased or decreased at the time of purchase will be processed appropriately and refunded.><>
We will suspend the withdrawal or refund the
through the credit card company used for payment by the end of February.
There is no procedure by the customer, but in the unlikely event that the refund is not processed due to a system error, etc., a ticket with a stub may be required, so if you have not yet issued a ticket, please issue a ticket at a Seven-Eleven near your home by the reserved performance date.
Please check the statement of your credit card for refunds.

◎ Customers who pay at Seven-Eleven stores
cash or credit card at the BR /> ticket issued>
Please come to the store with your ticket within the above refund period. Tickets issued at
stores have the name of the store you purchased in the lower left corner of the ticket.
If you are unable to visit the store, please contact us at the following [Inquiries about refunds]. We will refund the

[Refund amount]
"× ticket price".
* Please note that "various fees" incurred at the time of purchase are not refundable at the request of the entertainment source.
* Due to the convenience of the system, the price including "various fees" will be refunded once, but it will be debited again later.
* Please note that confetti points increased or decreased at the time of purchase will be processed appropriately and refunded.

Confetti Ticket Center
(Operated by Long Run Planning Co., Ltd.)


[Notice of performer withdrawal]

Ikuki Tanabe was scheduled to appear as Hotaru Tono, but has been dropped due to poor health. For

refund, please check the official Twitter >
, Mayuko Ohara will appear as Hotaru Tono, and the performance will be held as scheduled. We apologize for any inconvenience and concern caused to those who were looking forward to the

performance, and thank you for your continued support.

《Limited to those who purchase tickets at confetti! 》
special interview (3 parts in total)
confetti web magazine Published at!
full of backstories that can only be heard here!

Purchases up to December 11 (Sun): vol.1 (Fumiki Kuroki, Ikuki Tanabe) to
December 18 (Sunday): vol.2 (Ms. Akeai Yura, Shiori Konno) * Purchases until
December 22 (Thu): vol.3 (Takuya Masunaga, Tomoyuki Takagi)

* Limited to those who purchase on the web (payment is completed)
* Interview subjects and delivery date and time are subject to change.
Member My Page The viewing password will be delivered to those who have set "Send Email" to "Allow".

◇ Story

innocent lovers who aspired to the same path and aspiring voice actors who once aspired to the same path are
[ The path of a stage lighting artist ] and a man who goes on to [ The path of a stage lighting artist ] and [ She continues her path as a voice actor ]
she passes as a dancer of physical expression in a certain audition she took as a voice actor
man will be in charge of lighting the stage...

"You are the one who shines the brightest in me forever"
"I am exposed to the light and I am becoming more and more unable to breathe"

two men and women who were too clumsy to live
seeking light, frightened by the light, exposed to the light,
surely somewhere common
dazzling and cruel story

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2023/1/6 (Fri) 〜2023/1/9 (Mon)

1/6 (Friday) 19:00
1/7 (Saturday) 13:30 / 18:30
1/8 (Sunday) 13:30 / 18:30
1/9 (Monday / holiday) 12:00 / 16:00

* Reception starts 45 minutes before the start of the performance. Doors open 30 minutes before the show.
*The performance time is scheduled to be 120 minutes.

Ticket Fee

S seats: 8,500 yen
A seats: 6,000 yen
pier seats: 5,500 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

[Event discount] 20% off
regular price! (Discount limit 2,000 yen)

S seat: 8,500 yen → 6,800 yen
A seat: 6,000 yen → 4,800 yen
pier seat: 5,500 yen→ 4,400 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

◆ S seat: Front seat guaranteed, S seat limited daily 2L bromide + S seat limited staff pass design ticket + character business card The above 3 gifts
* If you purchase a theater company support S seat, "Sales script" will be presented.
◆A: Normal theater seat
◆Pier seat: Pier seat next to the seat seat

* [Event discount] Performance is Event Allocation Participation Agreement (https://wakuwari.go.jp/assets/pdf/participation_terms_sankakiyaku_japanese.pdf) Purchase a ticket. Please be sure to check the terms and conditions before purchasing.
*Either vaccination history or negative test result must be presented.
For vaccination history, proof of at least 3 vaccination doses is required.

This ticket is available only for
[WEB reservation] Reservations cannot be made by
+ Ticketing Fee


Shibuya-ku Owada Denlo Hall


* Event discount tickets for this performance are not eligible for the "Confetti Safety Ticket Service".

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