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The long-awaited musical adaptation of the hit historical manga "Cesare: Creator of Destruction" (supervised by Motoaki Hara, published by Kodansha), which has been serialized in "Morning" with a cumulative total of 1.4 million copies. A magnificent historical picture scroll by popular writer Fuyumi Soryo, who has gained support from a wide range of people with beautiful drawings and dramatic depictions, will be reborn as a musical.
Meijiza will operate a phantom orchestra pit for the first time since its founding, and will stage a full-scale musical with live music.

Talented actors and popular performers active in the musical theater world gather!
stars top star Akinori Nakagawa, who is leading the musical theater world both in name and reality. With her singing ability and rich expressiveness backed by technique, she plays the role of Cesare Borgia, the protagonist of this work.

In addition Japan a cast representing the theater world has gathered. The role of Miguel da Corella, a confidant who swears lifelong loyalty to Cesare, is Kenchi Tachibana, who is steadily building up his career as an actor while working as a performer in "EXILE". For the role of Italian poet Dante Alighieri, famous for "The Divine Comedy," Masaaki Fujioka has a lot of stage experience as a musical theater actor and is also focusing on live performances. In the role of Lorenzo de' Medici, the de facto ruler of the Florentine Republic, who supports the Borgia family, Takuya Kon, who has been active mainly on the stage and musicals even after leaving the theater company after four seasons. In the role of Heinrich VII, the famous prince who reigned as the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, the legendary "Song Onii-san" Yokoyama Daisuke, who served for the longest nine years. The role of Raffaele Riario, the Archbishop of Pisa, who secretly supports the Borgia family while being married to Rovere, is played by Harumi Okayama, an actor and dancer who is also active on Broadway. In the role of Giuliano della Rovere, a political enemy of the Borgia family, Kojiro Oka, a talented star who shines brightly in the musical world with his overwhelming singing ability and sweet mask.><, Cesare's father and head of the Borgia family, is played by Tetsuya Bessho, a key figure in the film industry who has appeared in many large-scale musical productions.

Staff from the musical theater world participate in Meijiza's first attempt!
The script is written by Koichi Ogita, who has produced many masterpieces from his time with the Takarazuka Revue. The production is directed by Yuna Koyama, whose unique worldview attracts attention. The music is not limited to musicals, but Ken Shima has worked on many popular works. A gorgeous cast and crew will tell the story of Cesare Borgia, a legendary hero who was active on the Italian peninsula during the Renaissance, on an overwhelming scale. Emerging actors from

up-and-coming actors who are active in popular stages, TV and movies will appear in W cast!

A select cast of actors who are popular for their appearances in movies, dramas, and popular stage performances will participate as W Cast.

Cast team "Squadra Verde" with high expectations for the next generation! Daiki Yamazaki plays the role of Angelo da Canossa in
"Squadra Verde" after being noticed in the TV Sentai series
continues to appear vigorously in stage productions. In the role of Giovanni de' Medici, the second son of a prestigious family and the leader of the Fiorentina troupe, Yujiro Kazama has multiple talents, such as appearing in stage productions and writing and directing his own plays. The role of Dragignazzo of the Fiorentina troupe is played by Kondo, a member of the Kansai-based theater company Patch, who has appeared in a series of popular productions. The well-informed Roberto is played by Yoshiya Kido, who has accumulated experience in TV dramas and popular stage productions.

2.5-dimensional musical is a sought-after cast team "Squadra Rossa"!
In "Squadra Rossa", Ryotaro Akazawa plays the role of Angelo da Canossa, a member of the Sapienza University student group Fiorentina, and is expanding his range of activities not only on the 2.5-dimensional stage but also in dramas and movies. In the role of Giovanni de' Medici, the second son of millionaire Lorenzo and the leader of the Fiorentina troupe, Teru Kagimoto, a member of "Lead" who also demonstrates his talent as an actor in dramas, movies, and the stage. In the role of No. 2 Dragignazzo of the Fiorentina troupe after Giovanni, Reio Honda is active in performance shows while appearing in popular content on the 2.5-dimensional stage. The role of Roberto, an informed member of the Fiorentina troupe, is played by Kento, who has made remarkable appearances in popular works, mainly on the 2.5-dimensional stage.

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2023/1/7 (Sat) 〜2023/2/5 (Sun)

【Confetti Performance】
10/01 (Tue) 13:00◆ / 18:00 ◆
12/01 (Thu) 18:00◆
1/16 (Mon) 13:00◆
17/01 (Tue) 13:00
19/01 (Thu) 13:00 / 18:00
1/24 (Tuesday) 13:00
1/26 (Thursday) 18:00 ◆
1/31 (Tuesday) 13:00 ◆

W cast
◆: Quadra Verde
〇: Quadra Rossa

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S seats 13,000 yen (1st and 2nd floor seats) and 1000P get!

(all seats reserved, tax included)

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confetti ticket center0120-240-540(Weekdays 10:00~18:00)
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and preschool children are not allowed to enter. There is a possibility that cameras for recording may enter the theater including
and audience seats. Please note that recorded videos and photos may be broadcast, distributed, and reproduced.
・Purchased tickets cannot be canceled or changed. Except in the case of cancellation of the performance, refunds are not possible in principle. When purchasing tickets, please confirm the date, time, number of tickets, performers, etc. before applying. Please note that
tickets cannot be reissued under any circumstances such as loss or theft. or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
/ Customers who wish to watch the theater in a space where wheelchairs can watch the theater will be able to make a reservation at the Meijiza Ticket Center after general sales. Please note that wheelchair space cannot be reserved for lottery pre-orders and first-come, first-served pre-orders. Reservations are also required for accompanying guests to attend the theater.

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