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series cumulative circulation 2, The super popular comic, which has sold over 7 million copies, has been made into a musical for the first time at the Imperial Theater, following the
TV anime adaptation!

is based on the spy action and sitcom "SPY×FAMILY", which has been serialized by Tatsuya Endo in "Shonen Jump +" (Shueisha) since March 2019. With the unique setting of "spies & psychics & killers becoming a temporary family while holding each other's secrets", stylish and cute characters, a world view that exquisitely blends serious and comedy, clever dialogue turning, storytelling that weaves action and gags, etc., "Shonen Jump +" in terms of views, comments, and circulation immediately after the start of the series It broke the highest records one after another and won the overwhelming support of readers. "This manga is amazing! 2020" Otoko edition and 1st place, "Recommended comics 2020 selected by bookstores nationwide" 1st place, "4th Everyone's Choice TSUTAYA Comic Award" Grand Prize, etc., and the cumulative circulation of the series has now exceeded 27 million copies! As early as April of this year, it was made into a TV anime (broadcast every Saturday at 23:00 on TV Tokyo and other networks), and the global expansion of broadcasting and distribution in Europe, the United States, and Asia has begun, causing a stir both in Japan and overseas. Such a super popular comic will be made into a musical for the first time at the Imperial Theater in March 2023! While maintaining the world view of the original, we will deliver an entertainment stage suitable for the Imperial Theater, which has a history of more than 100 years. Please look forward to it.

man is a spy× girl is a psychic× a woman is a killer, and world peace has been entrusted to these three!?
The story of a strange "tentative family" of three people who grew up without knowing about a "normal family".

During the Cold War, countries around the world were engaged in fierce information warfare behind the scenes. In the neighbouring eastern country of Ostania and the western country of Westalis, a tentative peace was maintained for more than a decade. Codenamed Twilight, a skilled spy belonging to the Intelligence Bureau of the West and the East Division (WISE), has repeatedly averted crises between East and West countries by using its high intelligence capabilities. One day, Twilight is ordered on a top-secret mission to investigate the movements of Donovan Desmond, president of the National Unity Party in the East, a dangerous person who threatens the peace of East and West. Its name is Operation Strix. The mission is to "create a family within a week, infiltrate the social gathering of Desmond's son at the prestigious school, and contact Desmond." In Twilight, he dresses up as psychiatrist Lloyd Forger and searches for his daughter and wife to start a family. The "daughter" candidate Anya he met was a psychic who could read minds, and Yoru, the "wife" candidate, was a killer, but the interests of the three coincided, and they ended up living together while hiding each other's identities. Sure enough, the daily life of three "temporary families" with unusual backgrounds is full of strange things. The peace of the world was entrusted to the three people, who were sometimes involved in major incidents, confronting their enemies and difficult problems, but doing their best to pretend to be a "normal family".

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2023/3/8 (Wed) 〜2023/3/29 (Wed)

【Confetti Performance】
3/08 (Wednesday) 18:00
3/09 (Thursday) 18:00
3/13 (Monday) 18:00
3/15 (Wednesday) 13:00
17 (Friday) 13:00
03/18 (Saturday) 18:00
20 March (Monday) 13:00
3/23 (Thursday) 18:00
/ 28 March (Tuesday) 18:00
29 (Wednesday) 13:00 / 18:00

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S seats: 15,000 yen
A seats: 10,000 yen
B seats: 5,000 yen
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