Yoriaki Matsudaira Aria and Variations

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It's Gone Be a Hardcore! (1980/2005)
It's gonna be a hardcore! (1980/2005)
Takashi Matsudaira (baritone), Masanobu Shinoda (piano)

Be in the Cage (2005/2018)
Bee in the Cage (2005/2018)
Maki Ota (soprano), Shizuka Kuwatani (piano)
* Piano Reduction produced by: Masato Ouchi

Bedside Moonlight (1982)
Bedside Moonlight (1982)
Yuki Akimoto (mezzo soprano), Shizuka Tsuwatani (piano)


Theme and 24 Variations (2015:WP)
Theme and 24 Variations(2015:WP)
Kazue Nakamura (piano)

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2022/12/1 (Thu)

12/01 (Thu) 19:00

*Doors open 30 minutes before the start.

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Suginami Public Hall Small Hall


Organizations Overview

Yoriaki Matsudaira. He is currently 91 years old and active as a composer. With his systematic methodologies, such as the total tone sequence technique, the melody by "misuse" of the 12-note sequence, and the pitch interval technique, he is still at the forefront of the creative world of Japan with his many works rich in flexible ideas.

Matsudaira has a strange opera, ≪The Provocators≫ What stood out about this opera was that the three arias were self-references to existing vocal works, and the opera was conceived as an afterthought, asking if an opera could be made from an existing work as an aria. Therefore, these three vocal works have a distinct density and a unique concept that is a bit different from ordinary opera arias.

and ≫ of ≪ theme and 24 variations for piano solo. Recall that in 1957, Matsudaira made his debut with Japan's first work using the total sequence technique, the ≪Variations≫ for violin, cello and piano. More than half a century later, Matsudaira returned to "Variations." In fact, the performance time is over 40 minutes! It will be the world premiere of a new work with this amazing precision and tension.

will be performed as much as contemporary music and the performance of Yoriaki Matsudaira's works, and Yuki Akimoto, who is known for his work in numerous classical operas, will join this time. We would like you to enjoy the transformative sound world created by the system.


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