The Little Prince Saint=Letter from Th? Exup?ry


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astronauts "I" crash land in the desert and meet a boy.

learns that a boy from a certain planet is "prince" . The

prince's star was about the size of a house, with three volcanoes, giant baobab buds and a single rose

b). The prince carefully cared for the rose flowers.

one day, in the wake of a quarrel with a rose flower,

goes on a journey to see the world of other stars.

you will meet there

1. Obsessed with maintaining one's own body King
2 I only hear words of praise self-indulgent
3. Shameful of drinking, Drink to forget it Swallow assistant
4. Claim ownership of the stars in the night sky and spend your days on the account of that number businessman
5.5.Ignite gas lamps and extinguish fires every 5.1 minutes lamps
6. I never left my desk geographer
were all strange adults.

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2023/1/21 (Sat) 〜2023/1/29 (Sun)

1/21 (Saturday) 15:00◎
1/22 (Sunday) 14:00
1/25 (Wednesday) 19:00
1/27 (Friday) 14:00
1/28 (Saturday) 14:00
1/29 (Sunday) 13:00★★◎

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* Doors open 45 minutes before the start

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S seat: 5,900 yen / 4,900 yen
A seat: 3,900 yen / 2,900 yen
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confetti ticket center0120-240-540(Weekdays 10:00~18:00)
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Inquiries: Ticket Kanagawa 0570-015-415 (10:00-18:00)

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