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Dance Club Tanaka Yasushi "Outside, Yoshikan."


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Dance Club Tanaka Yasushi challenges "Yoshikan" with the strongest lineup!

Yoshikan is famous as a Zen monk, poet and calligrapher. However, the existence of Yoshikan actually has a multifaceted nature that cannot be captured by such categorization. What is the appeal of Yoshihiro that continues to attract artists and researchers?

"Yoshihiro dancing in the fresh snow of the Three Thousand Great Thousand Worlds": Inspired by "Outside is Yoshikan," which was discussed by editorial engineer Seigo Matsuoka with an original image, dancer Yasushi Tanaka approaches Yoshihiro as a "dance club." Contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto participated in this epoch-making undertaking. The three parties, who have intersected and collaborated in the past, express Yoshikan through an exquisite collaboration of "body language" (Tanaka), "language space" (Matsuoka), and "spatial transparency" (Sugimoto).

In addition, the stage will be decorated with contemporary artists and creators such as songs and shamisen by shamisen player and composer Shutaro Honjo, and costumes by obi master Hondaya Genbei. Physical work and staff work are also a collection of selected dancers who have supported Tanaka Yasushi Dance, and "Outside, Yoshikan" - please look forward to the ultimate in dance performing arts that will decorate Rio in 2022!

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2022/12/16 (Fri) 〜2022/12/18 (Sun)

12/16 (Fri) 19:00
12/17 (Sat) 15:00 / 19:00
12/18 (Sun) 15:00

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