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The Fire Extinguisher Tatsu and the Daughter of the Tile Printmaker [Published in the November issue of Confetti]

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><<>- I'll solve both sides and sides at the same time!"
The daughter of that famous tile print shop is back! The members of the "Namakura Sword and the Tile Shop Girl" who caused a whirlwind in the new genre of "same-time simultaneous comedy" will challenge a new case! Please take a look at the many unusual events that occurred half an hour before the start of the upcoming stage "Front and Back of the Traveling Popular Play"!

[一景 &#12316; A child is born in a ladle and a fuss volume &#12316;"
Hatagocho "Gokuran" heard that there was a popular theater performance, and the daughter of a tile print shop "Paper" came to interview her. Courtesans from Hanamachi and childhood friend Sanpeita also perform, and the audience seats in the temporary freak show are crowded. However, the play does not start even when the performance time comes. At that time, I hear a woman's scream behind the stage.

[二景 &#12316; Fire extinguishing dragon jumps off the stage of Shimizu &#12316;]
Behind the scenes at the same time. The chairman, Sajiro, was flustered. The star actor of the troupe had disappeared. Sajiro hurriedly plans to open the curtain starring Tatsu, a fire extinguisher of the extreme storm who has come to look around. At that time, I hear the screams of the lead actress, Korogi, from the dressing room.

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2022/11/30 (Wed) 〜2022/12/4 (Sun)

December 01 (Thu) 14:00 / 19:00
December 02 (Fri) 19:00
December 03 (Sat) 13:00 / 18:00
4-5 people each 22 people

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