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【Refund Notice】

Cancellation period: December 21 (Wed) 13:00/18:00, December 22 (Thu) 13:00, 23rd (Fri) 13:00, 24th (Sat) 13:00 We will inform you about refunds for 5 performances.

By the end of February, we will suspend or refund the
through the credit card company used for payment.
There is no procedure by the customer.

【Notes】Please be sure to check
・Please destroy your ticket by yourself.
・Customers who have not yet issued a ticket do not need to issue a ticket.
・Please check the statement of your credit card for refunds.

[Refund amount]
"Number of tickets × + various fees incurred at the time of purchase" will be refunded.
* We will process the confetti points increased or decreased at the time of purchase as appropriate and refund them

Thank you for your understanding.

【Inquiries about this content】
Confetti Ticket Center (operated by Long Run Planning Co., Ltd.)
03-6228-1630 (weekdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)


Notice of Cancellation of Some Performances

We would like to inform you that the following schedule has been canceled.

[Cancelled performance]
December 21 (Wed) 13:00
December 21 (Wed) 18:00
December 22 (Thu) 13:00
December 23 (Fri) 13:00

Announcement from the performance organizer is Please check the official website below.

refund method will be contacted as soon as it is confirmed. Please keep your
ticket without destroying it.)

【Inquiries about this content】
confetti ticket center


Koki Mitani's legendary comedy in "Tokyo Sunshine Boys" was the last performance (1994 28 years later, it was renewed in the Reiwa era. A total of 16 cast members of
run around the stage, a remarkable non-stop comedy!
2022's laughter will be decided on this stage!

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2022/11/25 (Fri) 〜2022/12/27 (Tue)

*Performances Subject to Coverage※
November 26 (Sat) 18:00
November 30 (Wed) 18:00
December 07 (Wed) 18:00
Dec 13 (Tue) 18:00
Dec 14 (Wed) 18:00
Dec 17 (Sat) 18:00★★★★★★
December 20 (Tue) 18:00
December 21 (Wed) 13:00
December 21 (Wed) 18:00
December 22 (Thu) 13:00
December 23 (Fri) 13:00
December 24 (Sat) 18:00★★★

★ Confetti member preferential price
*Doors open 45 minutes before the start

Ticket Fee

★ card payment only. Please pick up your ticket after 10:00 on Saturday, October 22 Seven-Eleven cash register. You will not know your seat number until you receive your
★ ticket.
Please note.

This ticket is available only for
[WEB reservation] Reservations cannot be made by
+ Ticketing Fee


Setagaya Public Theater


* Children under elementary school age are not allowed to enter
* Reservations and purchases for the purpose of resale are strictly prohibited * There are no telephone reservations except for Setagaya Public Theater Ticket Center
※There is no direct sales at stores

For guests in wheelchairs

Tokyo performances, please book a ticket for wheelchair space.
reservations can be made from the general sale start date by phone at the Setagaya Public Theater Ticket Center (03-5432-1515). There is a capacity in the space, so please apply as soon as possible

If you can move to your seat by yourself and you will be watching the play in your own seat, in order to guide you safely on the day, please do so by the day before the day of your visit (or the business day before that if the previous day is a holiday), Please contact the Cis Company (03-5423-5906) with the seat number of the ticket you purchased and your name and contact information

childcare service information
For Tokyo performances, childcare services (capacity available, reservations required) are available at all stages
Application: Setagaya Public Theater 03-5432-1526
Deadline: Until noon 3 days before the desired date of use Fee: (per person) ¥2,200
Target: 6 months old to under 9 years old ※ Please consult us about children with disabilities

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