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Opera "Tosca" (3 acts, original language performance, Japanese subtitled)

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The opera "Tosca" (TOSCA) is an Italian opera composed by Puccini, known for its gems such as "Live in Song and Live in Love" and "The Stars Twinkle", which are loved all over the world.
Soprano Jeong Wol-sung radiates an overwhelming presence in the role of Tosca, with a soul singing voice and beautiful stage figure. Tatsuya Higuchi, the Japan prince of the tenor world, who his lover Cavaladossi, and Norihisa Uemoto, one of the most famous tenors in the Japan, (30th). Inspector General of Police Scarpia is a popular TV baritone Shunsuke Imai and many others. Directed by Yasuhiro Miura, a genius. It is a special performance by top level star singers!

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Tosca? Jung Wal-sung ? Valadossi? Tatsuya Higuchi?? 9 days? Emma? ¥纐{訓久?? 0 days? ? Scarpia? Shunsuke Imai ? Angelotti? Yosuke Takahashi ? Domori? Fumihiko Shimura ? Spoletta? Kyoright Nomura ? Charrone? Taro Shimose ? Ai Sakabe ? Naho Iizuka ? Yakushiji Anna ? Yuka Tanaka ? Ayaka Mimaki ? Yasuyo Isozaki ? Kentaro Koyama ? Tomohito Tamura ? Other? Conducting and performing? Cossephile Opera Band?? Kaji [Da: Giant excitation?


Directing? Yasuhiro Miura ? Stage manager? Hajime Kondo ? Assistant Director? Naaya Miura ? Illumination? Masatoshi Yaguchi ? Clothing? Sakaida Manabu ? Hair and makeup? Yumiko Hamano ? Colepetitor? Yui Igata ? Sound? Figaro Sound Works Aoki Osamu ? Subtitle? Argon Company ? Design? Reiko Ibusuki ? Image? Yuji Kanazawa ? Photographing? Kenji Kikuchi


2022/9/29 (Thu) 〜2022/9/30 (Fri)

Thursday, September 29, 2022, 18:40
Friday, September 30, 2022 16:00

*Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the show

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Premium seats 10,000 yen, S seats 9,000 yen
A seats 8,000 yen, B seats 7,000 yen
C seats 6,000 yen, pier seats 5,000 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

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Japan Bridge Public Hall (Japan Bridge Theater)


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2022 Special performances by top-level star singers!


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