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The Marriage of Figaro Highlights

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The highlight of "The Marriage of Figaro" that even those who do not know opera can be enjoyed
is the 18th century, and the setting is the mansion of the Count of Almaviva in Seville, Spain. The story of the wedding day of the Count's servant Figaro and his lover Susanna. When Figaro learns that the Count is trying to reinstate his first night rights and subdue Susanna, he becomes angry and tries to punish the Earl. Depicting the day's turmoil of the people involved in the Count's family, we will deliver Mozart's masterpiece "The Marriage of Figaro" in an easy-to-understand manner.


Saturday, October 22, 15:00 Ticket 2,500 yen
Countess: Toshiki Takeuchi Countess: Yukie Hattori Figaro: Yuki Sato Susanna: Yumi Uematsu
Marcellina: Fumie Kanai Basilio: Naoyuki Sato Cherubino: Maki Sango Barbarina: Naoyo Shimizu

Saturday, October 22, 19:00 Ticket 2 < /> Countess: Takashi Kobayakawa Countess: Keiko Matsushita Figaro: Yuma Sakai Susanna: Hiroko Obayashi
Marcellina:?Naoko Hashi Basilio: Naoyuki Sato Cherubino: Nobue Kurumi Barbarina: Maki Sango

Sunday, October 23, 2009 14:00 Ticket 5,000 yen
Countess: Toshiki Takeuchi Countess: Nami Wada Figaro: Yuki Sato Susanna: Yoshie Fukusaki Bartolo: Junpei Kohata
Marcellina: Hyuga Saito Basilio: Shinya Okuyama Cherubino: Akimi Sasaki Antonio: Yuta Kimura Barbarina: Misaki Tadashi


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Directing? Yagi Kiyoichi ? Command? Yasuhiro Komori ? Earl? Toshiki Takeuchi ? The Countess? Nami Wada ? Figaro? Yuki Sato ? Susanna? Yoshie Fukusaki ? Bartolo? Junpei Obata ? Marcellina? Hyuga Saito ? Basilio? Shinya Okuyama ? Cherubino? Akimi Sasaki ? Antonio? Yuta Kimura ? Barbarina? Misaki Tatsuta ? Chorus? Coro Lirica ? Performance? Ensemble Lirica


Music staff? Echizen Kinya 縲∴ "Tomoko Bu Streak ′ Ftani Fuyumi


2022/10/22 (Sat) 〜2022/10/23 (Sun)

Group A 15:00
B on Saturday, October 22, 19:00
Group C on Sunday, October 23 at 14:00

*Doors open 30 minutes before the start

Ticket Fee

AB Group: Adults 2,500 yen / Students 1,500 yen
C Group: Adults 5,000 yen / Students 2,500 yen
1,000 yen discount!
AB group General 2,500 yen / Student 1,500 yen → Confetti seat General 1,500 yen / Student 500 yen!
C group 5,000 yen for adults / 2,500 yen for students → confetti seats Adults 4,000 yen / students 1,500 yen!
(all seats reserved, tax included)

WEB reservation / telephone reservation Either <★/font>
★telephone reservation: 0120-240-540*Toll Free
(Reception hours Weekdays 10:00 to 18:00 *Operator support)

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Cantante Lirica wants to make everyone smile and cheer up with the power of music! With that in mind, we provide performances that can be enjoyed even by those who come to operas and concerts for the first time. We hold lessons and workshops to realize
performances, provide opportunities for you to experience the performances of leading musicians, and act as a bridge between Japan and Italy.


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