Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra
The 70th Tiara Koto Regular Concert [Published in the September issue of Confetti]

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Hot Spanish Breeze Dances in the Afterglow of Summer

This performance, which welcomes Yurie Takano, a rising star of the opera world who will lead the next generation, as a soloist, will deliver Falla's representative work "Triangular Hat". Please enjoy the masterpiece of 20th century ballet painted by Chief Guest Conductor Yukio Fujioka.

Bizet: Act 1 Prelude from the opera "Carmen"
"Habanera" from the opera "Carmen"
Chabrier: Rhapsody "Spain"
Drieve: Daughters of Cadiz
Falla: From the ballet music "Love is a Magician" Fire Festival Dance
Chapi: Songs of the Prisoners from Zarzuela's Daughters of Sevedeo
Falla: Ballet Music "Triangular Hat" (All Works)

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Yukio Fujioka??? Ne guest conductor? ? Yurie Takano?? Plano? ? Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra



2022/9/23 (Fri)

9/23 (Friday, holiday) 15:00
*Doors open 45 minutes before the show.

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limited to 14 people! S seats 3,500 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → Confetti special price! (published on the ticket purchase page!) Get a 1,500p! (09/20 21:10 update)

TKTS Shibuya branch Asakusa store , 09/22〜 Confetti special price! 2,000C point ticket Released at Get!

This ticket is accepted for
[WEB reservation] only. Reservations cannot be made by phone

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Tiara Koto Great Hall


September 23 (Fri, holiday) 15:00 14 people

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