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YARN The Colourful Thread of Life
A craft art documentary from Scandinavian Iceland where knitting is rooted in life, born in the midst of a global craft boom.

A craft art documentary depicting the powerful figure of four groups of artists who spun, knitted, and expressed yarn (yarn) found their lives in colorful yarn amid the recent global craft boom, such as a return to carefully crafted handiwork and the boom of craft fairs. It was born in Scandinavian Iceland, a country where knitting is rooted in life.

Orec / Circus Cirquer / Tina / Noriko Horiuchi
Director: Una Lorentzen / Screenplay: Christian Arora

Narration: Barbara Kingsolver "Where It Begins"
Photography: Iga Miklar / Editing: Sarun Hafstads

Music: Orn Erdujarn / Japan Version Subtitles: Prince Onishi
Producers: Heather Millard, Salzle Jonsson

2016 Production / Original title: YARN / Icelandic-Polish co-production / English, Icelandic (Japanese subtitles) / Color / 76 min.

mending judge
South Dressmaking Shop. A stubborn second-generation shopkeeper tailors a "life-changing outfit."

When I went up the hill overlooking the city of Kobe, there was a shop. A small sign called "South Dressmaking Shop" hangs on it, and it is an old-fashioned Western-style house. The clothes made by the shop owner Minami Ichie always sell out on the same day. It's all handmade in an old-fashioned craftsmanship. Fujii, who works at a department store in Kobe
, approaches Ichie about branding, but she shows no interest at all, as if she is a "stubborn old man". Ichie was satisfied with the re-tailoring and resize of the clothes made by his grandmother, who was the first generation, and a little new work that reused the design of the previous generation. The clothes of the Southern Dressmaking Shop were the only one in the world that lasted a lifetime ? that was the innocent but pure secret that Ichie's mending clothes were loved.

, but Fujii's words that he should want to make a dress that he designed shake something that has sealed Ichie's heart.

Miki Nakatani / Takahiro Miura Katagiri Iri Kuroki Hana Sugisaki Hana / Mie Nakao Ibu Masakatana Yu Kimiko
Director: Yukiko Mishima / Original: Aoi Ikebe / Screenplay: Minsei Hayashi

Costume Design: Sachiko Ito / Theme Song: Ken Hirai
Producer: Yoshio Yokozawa, Masahiko Mizuguchi, Tatsumi Yoda, Nobuiku Suzuki, Kazumi Satake, Masanori Yamamoto

2015 production/Japan/Original work, Aoi Ikebe's "Repairing Judge" (Kodansha "Hatsukis" serial) / Color / 104 min

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2022/9/3 (Sat) 〜2022/9/4 (Sun)

09/03 (Sat)
September 04 (Sun)

Screening Program
10:30~11:46 YARN The Thread That Colors Life (Doors open 10:00)
13:00~14:44 The Repairer (Doors open 12:30)

*Please leave the theater temporarily during the film change (12:00 to 12:30).

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One-day ticket: 800 yen (all seats reserved, tax included)

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