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Rin-0 Chiharu Wakabayashi Solo Exhibition 2022

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This is the first exhibition of works by composer Chiharu Wakabayashi, who won the first prize in the Japan Music Competition, in nine years.
Wakabayashi develops music activities with the theme of "everything that is nothing".
This year's exhibition is called "Lin... Titled "0", it is composed of recent solo works including the premiere, and the
performance is a lineup of young talented people such as Mayuko Ishigami (violin), Kaori Wakabayashi (flute), McQueen Tokita Fukayama (koto), and Tomomi Matsubara (accordion).
please come to enjoy the breath of new works in the space of the Uforum Museum of Art, which has a rich sound.

Wakabayashi Chiharu Music
"Jumping Out Little Monk?"
"Light Traces?"
"Light Traces?" [Premiere]
"(Untitled)" [Premiere]
"Shiratomi" [Revised Premiere]
"Tama Symphony ... momentariness ?」

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Tomomi Matsubara?? A Cordion??? Kaori Wakabayashi?? t root??? Mayuko Ishigami?? Buy @ Iolin? ? Maqueen Tokita Fukayama? Relics?



2022/9/4 (Sun)

9/4 (Sunday) Open 14:30 / Start 15:00
*Scheduled to end at 16:00

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General: 4,000 yen
students: 2,000 yen
(all seats with reference number, tax included)

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■Chiharu Wakabayashi Profile
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, and completed graduate school at the same university. The Yasuda Prize of the 65th Japan Music Competition Composition Division. The 1st Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Performing Arts Works Competition Grand Award. At the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Performing Arts Festival 2001, he presented a speech titled "The Sound Poetry Drama 'Trees, Forests, Forests... The Happenings of That Umi / Tsukira's Duosos - For Three Groups of Choirs, Four Percussion Instruments, Butoh, Lighting, and Sound Effects" will be premiered. Invited lecturer at the Contemporary Music Seminar & Festival "Akiyoshidai Summer 2005-2013". He has held eight exhibitions of his work to date. "Chiharu Wakabayashi Solo Exhibition ? - Ultimate UTU - will be broadcast on NHK-FM for two weeks. His CDs "Hara-Symphony / Himorogi" and "Tama Symphony ... Pia ni Ssimo" was evaluated as a special edition in Recording Arts magazine. In 2014 and 2018, he was appointed by the French contemporary music performing group Accroche note, and also by C. The work is performed by Drangle M. Kahlloly. In 2018, he was selected as an excellent winner of the 1st Kouakan Composer Competition.


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