【★With 3 major benefits & Commemorative special price! 】 Starring Keihiko Aramaki Stage "Gegege no Kitaro" [8/13 (Sat) Performance / Hankan Charter]


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stage "Gegege no Kitaro"
Confetti Hankan Charter & Issuance Commemorative Special Event! Benefits>

[With 3 major benefits!]
1) Keihiko Aramaki's photograph (magazine interview cut)
2) Theater information magazine "Confetti" August issue
3) performance flyer

Eligibility: Limited to those who purchased a special ticket to commemorate the issuance of
July 4 (Monday) to July 18 (Monday / holiday)

* Free delivery (shipped to the membership registration address of Confetti)
※ The award will be sent to the number of tickets purchased.
*Scheduled to be shipped by our company by the end of July.
* If you do not receive it and it is resent by any chance, you will be responsible for the cost of resending
*Unauthorized transfer is prohibited

100th anniversary of Shigeru Mizuki's birth.

"Gegege no Kitaro" began serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 1965 and has been loved by many people for more than half a century, including manga, anime, movies, novels, dramas, and games. Many of the youkai that appear in

have been handed down since ancient times Japan and it is said that the yokai itself became widely known by the author Shigeru Mizuki by adding new interpretations and design arrangements, and it is said that it was a work that had a great influence on the yokai lore of Japan.

Recently, as four major projects commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of creator Shigeru Mizuki, the launch of the new anime "Devil-kun" and the sixth film adaptation of the TV anime "Gegege no Kitaro" were announced and became a hot topic.

and summer 2022. On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Shigeru Mizuki of
, the stage "Gegege no Kitaro" will be performed!

Please look forward to the bizarre stage where Kitaro and the youkai weave.


Yokai post where humans can post letters to Gegege no Kitar? (Keihiko Aramaki).
A cat girl (Violet Uesaka) who recently had no request and became suspicious is putting up a yokai post ... The
mouse man (Takashi Fujii) had accepted the request without permission. In a village in

, a mouse man hears that the demon Rin (Hiroki Nanami) will appear and disturb the humans, and
"You can defeat the demon with this" and sells the villagers a medicine that works against youkai.
Kitaro and the eyeball old man (voiced by Masako Nozawa) rush to the village with
that it is dangerous for humans to confront the demon directly, and meet the villager Takeru (Yudai Tachibana).
Takeru complains to the villagers, "It's dangerous to break the stone wall!" but they don't have the ears to do it. During the
riots, the eyeball old man who tried to enter the arbitration was mortally wounded.
The dying eyeball old man returns to the Gegege Forest where Sand Kababa (Yuko Asano) is waiting and decides to be cared for.
Kitaro feels a kinship with Rin, who is feared as a "youkai" by humans and regarded as an enemy by youkai as an "ally of humans".

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Gegege no Kitaro? Keihiko Aramaki ? Cat girl? Uesaka Violet ? Mouse man? Takashi Fujii ? Heavenly Demon - Lynn? Hiroki Nanami ? Sand or sand sand or sand Yuko Asano ? Takeru? Yudai Tachibana ? Crying little? Taro Yabe?? J Lateca??? Yuuki Kimizawa ? Shuko Ito ? Haruka Mimura?? Cast?? Yona Ishii?? Cast?? Takuya Ide ? Nobuaki Mitsuda ? Emperor Qi ? Sachie Tanaka ? Eyeball guy? Masako Nozawa?? Koh's appearance?


Original? Shigeru Mizuki ? Writer and director? Takahiro Tamura


2022/8/13 (Sat)

☆Confetti ★ Hankan Private Performance ★☆
Aug 13 (Sat) 17:30
◇W Cast=Mimura, Ishii

Ticket Fee

first-come, first-served only! S seats: 12,000 yen → Confetti Commemorative Price! (published on the ticket purchase page!)
(all seats reserved, tax included)

stage "Gegege no Kitaro"
Confetti Hankan Charter & Issuance Commemorative Special Event! Benefits>

[With 3 major benefits!]
1) Keihiko Aramaki's photograph (magazine interview cut)
2) Theater information magazine "Confetti" August issue
3) performance flyer

* Free delivery. For details, please see the performance contents column.


limited to those -----------------------------------

This ticket is available for
[WEB reservation] only. Reservations cannot be made by phone
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* The difference in the special price to commemorate the issuance is compensated by Confetti.
*Paid for ages 6 and up, children under 5 years old are not allowed to enter.
* Due to the convenience of the production, there are times when admission after the performance is restricted.
*Please wear a mask when visiting.
※ Bringing in meals is prohibited.
* There is a possibility that a camera for recording can be entered in the theater including the audience seats. Please note that recorded videos and photographs may be broadcast, distributed, or reproduced and distributed.
* Tickets purchased cannot be canceled or changed. In principle, refunds are not possible except in the case of performance cancellation. When purchasing tickets, please confirm the date, time, theater, number of tickets, etc. before applying.
* Please note that tickets cannot be reissued under any circumstances such as loss or theft.
* Please check the theater's official website for the latest efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and requests for cooperation from visitors. In addition, it may be changed at any time depending on the infection spread situation and social situation, so please check the latest information before visiting.
* Resale of tickets for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
* If you wish to make a reservation in a space where you can watch the theater while in a wheelchair, please contact us at the following contact information for smooth guidance and securing theater space.
In addition, a ticket is required if the accompanying person also wants to see the theater.

Meijiza Ticket Center 03-3666-6666 (10:00-17:00)

(C)Mizuki Pro・Fuji TV・Toei Animation
(C) Stage "Gegege no Kitaro" Production Committee

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2-31-1 Japan Hashihamamachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Line: Get off at Hamamachi Station Immediately take exit A2 Hibiya Line: Get off at Dolomachi Station 7 minutes on foot from Exit A2 Asakusa Line: Get off at Dolomachi Station 7 minutes on foot from Exit A3


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