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XLAMP Nationwide TOUR 2022 - East, West, North and South Rebellion - Sendai

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2022/8/13 (Sat)


Ticket Fee

Premium S Ticket (Advance): 5,000 yen
General B Ticket (Advance): 3,500 yen
High School Students and Under (Advance): 2,000 yen
Friend Invitation G Ticket (Advance): 500 yen
(Non-reserved seats, tax included)

※ It will be accepted only by WEB reservation.
Confetti Ticket Centre does not accept phone calls.

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Organizations Overview

Naoki Ito, Reiki Nakajima, Shinichiro Kamiyama, Shoji Miwa and Sogo Nihira are the main axis of the harmony! It is a
Japanese ROCK performance group.
X... UNKNOWN LAMP... In order to continue to light the fire of the entertainment, to spread and convey the splendor of the good old Japan
, to continue to protect it, to break down the concept of Japanese and arrange it in a modern style! Combining Japanese performances using Japanese tools such as fans, swords, umbrellas, fans
veils with J-POP, rock, and EDM music to produce a flashy performance that also incorporates dance><, action, acrobatics, and killings! We will deliver a stage that all men and women, young and old, from small children to the elderly. With a view to transcending national borders and disseminating information to the world, the company has set forth a new
"Wa Ludo Entertainment." We aim to be a guru
loved by people of all generations.


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