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Duo Kazama's one-man play "The Karaoke Man Who Came Home" [Tokyo Performance (2): Kameido Cultural Center, Camellia Hall]

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Because it is such an era I have been waiting for Akira Ushiyama, 72 years old
I will still do it I will sing! I can still play fascinatingly!

1997 "Traveling Sky" to 2010" Kazama Duo Solo Theater Five Pieces Performed in One Fell Piece!" In addition to Japan, Spain, China, South Korea, the United States, Romania, Hungary, and the world have been performed in the "Ushiyama Akira Series" of Duo Kazama's one-man plays.
in 2003, he won many theatrical awards, including the Grand Prize of the Arts Festival of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Best Actor Award at the Yomiuri Theater Award, and the Encouragement Award for Theater Encouragement at the Backers Award, for his performance of a trilogy in one fell swoop.
in 2010 he performed a series of five works all at once. The running time is an unprecedented 5 hours and 15 minutes!
In 2021, the "Akira Ushiyama Series" will be restarted for the first time in 11 years with this work.
received many favorable reviews, and Duo Kazama received the Mainichi Art Award.
And in the summer of 2022, "The Returning Karaoke Man" will be back soon!!

Akira Ushiyama, 72 years old, lives in Aomori Prefecture.
decided to return to Tokyo after the snack business at my workplace went out of business due to the corona disaster.
changed their minds, struggling to find a job and contribute to society, but it was a series of unexpected trials. Armed with
favorite karaoke and good condition, you will face various difficult situations!

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Duo Kazama


Writing and directing? Ryuji Mizutani


2022/9/14 (Wed)

9/14 (Wednesday) 19:00

◎ Doors open 45 minutes before the start

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Kameido Cultural Center, Camellia Hall


◎ Preschool children are not allowed to enter
◎ If you are late for the start time, we may not be able to guide you to the designated seat.
◎ If you are using a wheelchair, please contact us in advance.
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