K-BALLET Opto "Petit Collection" - Petit Petit Petit!

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Tetsuya Kumagawa K-BALLET, long-awaited new project K-BALLET Opto (OPTO)
finally started in collaboration with Bunkamura!
a new attempt by K-BALLET COMPANY that mastered classical ballet,
it is to explore the deeper layers of dance. I would like you to be present from the flag-raising performance.

Petite Ceremonie (Petit Ceremony)
"Little Ritual" (Asian Premiere)
Medi Wallerski Choreography

Petite Maison
"Little House" [World Premiere]
Yuki Mori Choreography

Petit Barroco
"Little Pearl (Warped Pearl)" [World Premiere]
Rei Watanabe Choreography

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Nozomi Iijima ? Sun? Sesa ? Yuhei Horiuchi ? Masaya Yamamoto ? Mina Kobayashi ? Saya Narita ? Shoya Ishibashi ? Kei Sugino ? Other? K-BALLET COMPANY


Choreography? Medi-Warellski Stripe $X Yu Gui Skewer %n Edge Ray


2022/9/30 (Fri) 〜2022/10/1 (Sat)

☆ Eligible performances
September 30 (Fri) 17:30
October 01 (Sat) 17:30
※Doors will open 45 minutes before the start.

Ticket Fee

first-come, first-served only! S seats: 9,000 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → 8,500 yen!

For tickets here, please call [Telephone reservations] is also available.
Confetti Ticket Center
(weekdays 10:00-18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater Hall


* The seats for this performance will be determined based on the event occupancy rate determined by the government. When purchasing A href="https://www.bunkamura.co.jp/orchard/lineup/22_opto_petit/" target=_blank>. In the future, if there is a change in the situation, such as a change in the event occupancy rate due to the judgment of the government, we will inform you based on the instructions. Thank you for your understanding.
* Tickets will not be refunded except when the performance is canceled or when the organizer deems it unavoidable. When purchasing tickets, please make a judgment based on your own physical condition and environment.
* Due to unavoidable circumstances, the performers are subject to change.
*Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
*Doors open 45 minutes before the show.
*After the start time, you may be unable to wait for admission or sit in your seat.
*The name of the purchaser will be printed on the ticket ticket.
*Purchase and resale of tickets for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
*The name and contact information registered at the time of ticket purchase may be provided at the request of a public institution such as a public health center.
※In the future, we may ask for information on customers who will be visiting separately.
*Regarding the theater's measures against infectious diseases and requests to visitors, please revisit before the performanceofficial website We will post it at , so please check before visiting.

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