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When our harmony and the audience become one, the "miracle musical" will be completed



Japanese premiere at Theater Creator
▼ 2018
the success of the world's first concert version, re-enactment at
Theater Creator and a nationwide tour, thanks to the blockbuster hit
▼ 2020
It was supposed to be a performance at the Imperial Theater with full satisfaction, but all performances were canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection
. After the lifting of the state of emergency in
, the Japanese "Jersey Boys" company, which has been overcoming successes and hardships, has staged the concert version of
concert as the top batter of the resumption of performances in July, and also carried out LIVE video distribution

The Japanese "Jersey Boys" company, which has overcome successes and hardships, depicts the dreams, glory, frustrations, and frustrations of young people depicted in this musical, As if in sync with the story of reunion and never-ending youth, we have walked together with the cheering customers.

"The Four Seasons" swept the American music world in the '60s. Frankie Valli and four other original members, who were praised as "angelic singers", talk about the group from their own perspectives, and the group's biggest hit,

"Can't Take my eyes off of you
"Oh, What a Night" (December 1963)
"Big Girl Don't Cry"
"Walk Like a Man"...

musical composed of many big hit numbers. Jersey Boys had its world premiere in 2004 and moved to Broadway the following year in 2005, where it quickly became so popular that it won three Tony Awards in the same year, including Best Picture. In 2007, it also won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Album. In 2008 it won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Musical at the pinnacle of the British stage. In 2014, it was made into a movie by Hollywood movie master Clint Eastwood. The film was also a worldwide smash hit, and was highly acclaimed in Japan.

Japan premiere in June and July 2016. When the Japanese cast version was staged with Akinori Nakagawa as Shuntaro Fujita, Toshihide Fujita of the Japanese theater world, and Frankie Valli, who is required to have world-class singing ability, the topic became a hot topic, and a total of 40 performances were sold out. Additional performances were also held in a hurry, and it gained enormous support from the audience. The result was the 42nd Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award, the 24th Yomiuri Theater Grand Prize, and other theater awards of the same year. In the long-awaited re-enactment of 2018, they embarked on their first nationwide tour and created a Jersey whirlwind all over Japan.

July and August 2020, the Imperial Theater performance that was announced with full force was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but with the cooperation of rights holders including Mr. Bob Gaudio, the original member of The Four Seasons, who created the music for this performance, In 2018, we changed to the concert version of the concert version produced by Toho and WOWOW for the first time in the world, and it achieved a miraculous resurrection.

And in October 2022, we will finally make our first appearance at the Nissei Theater, the pinnacle of Japanese theater.

Dedicated to all those who love music and musicals, please look forward to the "miracle musical"!!


began in the poor countryside of New Jersey. Frankie, who has an

"angelic voice", is welcomed into the band group of his brothers Tommy and Nick, who dream of success. They immediately started their musical career with the three of them, but even with Frankie's singing voice, there was still something missing from the group.

After a series of unflattering days, Bob, a talented composer, joins the band. Fascinated by Frankie's singing voice, Bob wanted to write a song for it. However, what awaited them with no money or connections was a harsh life of understudy. Even so, they continue to polish their music and let their talents blossom. Finally, Bob's music and the four harmonies caught the eye of a major producer. They signed to record companies as "The Four Seasons" and went on to produce a string of U.S. number one songs, including "Sherry." It is a hit song after a hit song, a long-term tour, and the days of drinking and playing repeatedly continue without regard for the family. The four of them should have had wealth and fame, but behind their brilliant success, various problems broke out, such as huge debts, feuds within the group, and family discord, and their strong bonds were eroded. Eventually, they become irreparable and great friction, tearing the group apart.

successes and setbacks. What did the four of them see ahead of them as they ran through the overly dramatic spring, summer, autumn, and winter?

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Frankie Valli? Akinori Nakagawa?? 'HmmmBLACK?EME? ♂ Sota Yamura?? 'um GREEN? ? Tommy DeVito? Masaaki Fujioka?? 'HmmmBLACK?EME? #?繪E 近?? 'um GREEN? ? Bob Gaudio? Keisuke Toh?? 'HmmmBLACK?EME? @L Sawa Camphor ?? 'um GREEN? ? Nick Massi? Masashi Oyama?? 'um BLACK?EME?《pi?? 'um GREEN? ? Bob Crew? Junichi Kato ? Zip DeCarlo? Kazuhiro Yamaji ? Gnome Waxman? Katsumi Toi ? Cotton Pull Sayaka ? Mari Kokogi ? Rumiko Endo ? Dandoi Mai Lihua ? ?ne Tomomi ? Yasuhiro Yamano ? Keita Wakamatsu ? Yusuke Sugiura ? Takashi Oka


Script? Marshall Brickman <Lagoon b. Ellis ? Music? Bob Gaudio? Words? Bob Crewe ? Translation? Tsuneshi Odajima ? Translation? Ako Takahashi ? Directing? Shuntaro Fujita


2022/10/6 (Thu) 〜2022/10/29 (Sat)

10月08日(土) 18:00
10月09日(日) 13:00 / 18:00
10月11日(火) 13:00●♪ / 18:00○◇
10月13日(木) 18:00○◇
10月14日(金) 13:00○♪
10月15日(土) 13:00
10月16日(日) 18:00
10月20日(木) 13:00●◆ / 18:00
10月22日(土) 18:00
10月24日(月) 13:00 / 18:00
10月26日(水) 13:00●◆ / 18:00○☆
10月28日(金) 18:00

■花村BLACK(花村、藤岡、東、 大山)

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[Main Performance]
S Seats: 14,000 yen
A Seats: 9,500 yen
B Seats: 4,500 yen
(All seats reserved, tax included)

★ card payment only. Please pick up your ticket at the
7-Eleven cash register after 10:00 on Saturday, October 1.
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