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Completion Commemorative Premiere of the Movie "Your Voice, Whisper in the Blue"

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The premiere screening to commemorate the completion of the film "Kimi no Ryo, Whisper to the Blue" created together with the director, actors, and supporters, and a talk event by the director and the main cast

film "Kimi no Ryo, Whisper to the Blue" Synopsis
The trio of Yuki (Hoshireira), Akari (Asuka Minato), and Tatsuya (Fumiya Sato), who were good friends when they were high school students.
However, a certain "event" triggers a rift and estrangement.

three people who grow up and are reunited. Under thebluesky of
, even after , the feelings of "liking" each other still intersect.
Is it too clumsy?

What is it to tell
what should be conveyed
will people forget the past
leave it behind
Yuki mutters a thought that she can't tell anyone to the sky

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Naoki Okamoto ? Hoshireira ? Asuka Minato ? Fumiya Sato?? kip the Chips?


Script? Takamura Arc Do<I Kamoto Naoki ? Supervision? Naoki Okamoto ? Photographing? Kamei Yamato ? Recording? Makoto Kato ? Assistant director? Yuna Murata ? Planning and producing? Takahiro Yamamoto?? F Image Acting School?


2022/7/23 (Sat)

July 23 (Sat) 13:30〜 / 15:30〜

Screening of "Kimi no Ryo, Whispering in the Blue" (about 30 minutes)
After Talk by Director and Main Cast (Approx. 30 min.)

*Doors open 15 minutes before the start of the show

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Organizations Overview

He presides over a workshop on video acting for actors.
will hold a "film creation workshop" to actually produce a video work, and together with directors, actors, and supporters gathered through crowdfunding, they will create from a script and make a film.


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