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Butterfly knot

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- Synopsis -

traveler lands at the station in the strong summer sunshine. The
quiet station soon becomes bustling with people, playing, singing and dancing as if it were school holidays.
travelers who meet them find out the real reason why they landed at this station.

"The problem is, you have acquired something irreplaceable when you set out on your journey.
Well, what did you get"

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-monochrome side.-? Sawanabe Ningo 縲 $Shiun Akira 縲 $V Hiroshi I∴ Tado ?zora 縲°燹コ琴音縲°CR Honka Yatsushi-Ry? $Shihara Soichiro 縲<q Rossieri 縲 *Ri Shimo Ayashi Stripe@I Stripe≫V Fujitaka ? -colored side.-? Fujishiro Kaiju °T Iri Na 縲∴ Tafuji Yusuke¥H Hontetsushi Stripe °C? T 縲 ◆ N 井紫野縲 K no Soma 縲 ∴ no Shuin Tomomi 縲 @ 梔ke 縲 ♂£? Okawa Yusuke Suke£?e Dai


Script? Jun Minatoya?? yuka project? ? Directing? Taro Hasegawa?? Shhhhh Stage manager? Stagework Corporation URAK ? Art? Terui Traveling Poem ? Illumination? Keiichi Matsuda ? Production? LUCKUP ? Producer? Chihiro Yoshida ? ■Planning and production? LUCKUP Inc. ? Sponsorship? Confetti


2022/8/3 (Wed) 〜2022/8/14 (Sun)

-monochrome side.-(m)
-colored side.-(c)

Wednesday, August 3, 19:00 m
Thursday, August 4, 19:00 c
Friday, August 5, 19:00 m
Saturday, August 6, 13:00 c/17:00 m
August 7 (Sun) 13:00 m/17:00 c
August 8 (Mon) 15:00 c/19:00 m
August 9 (Tue) Closed
August 10 (Wed) 15:00 m/19:00 c
August 11 (Thu) 13:00 c/17:00 m
August 12 (Fri) 19:00 c
August 13 (Sat) 13:00 m / 17:00 c
August 14 (Sun) 12:00 c/16:00 m

*Doors open 45 minutes before the start
*Consideration for distribution

Ticket Fee

【General Sale】: 6,000 yen (*advance payment)
1,000 yen discount! 6,000 yen → confetti seats 5,000 yen!
(all seats reserved, tax included)

WEB reservation / telephone reservation Either <★/font>
★telephone reservation: 0120-240-540*Toll Free
(Reception hours Weekdays 10:00 to 18:00 *Operator support)

+ Ticketing Fee


Ueno Storehouse


Organizations Overview

It is formed from Takahiro Saito, a representative who works as an actor, and Chihiro Yoshida, a vice president who works as a stage producer. An organization that mainly plans, produces, and produces stage performances and events. Depending on the related organizations, they are also involved in the planning, production, and sale of goods, as well as the design of printed materials. In addition to the individual activities of each
, we will plan and produce performances produced by our company, provide a place where many performers and staff who have been connected so far can play an active role, and carry out activities to widely disseminate entertainment.
established in September 2017. Incorporated in July 2019.

・GOOD LUCK vol.1 "MOMOTARO" & LIVE Stage September 12-14, 2018 @ Kichijoji STAR PINE'S CAF&#201;
General Director: LUCKUP "MOMOTARO" Writer, Director: Kyohei Obe
・(Play) Hammerhead Shark× LUCKUP "TRUMP" June 5 (Wed) - 16 (Sun), 2019 @ Ikebukuro Theater KASSAI
・GOOD LUCK vol.1,1 "Lantern Moon Pagoda" March 26 (Thu) - 29 (Sun), 2020 @Arai Yakushi Special Colors Screenplay and Director: Rei Toriyama
・LUCKUP PRODUCE "INDESINENCE Case: Cold Scarlet Rakeside" Wednesday, March 24, 2021 &#12316; Sunday, March 28, 2021 @ Akasaka Red Theater
Writer/Director: Shinya Sato (Shipwreck Monkey)
・LUCKUP PRODUCE "Tomorrow Morning, As usual" July 16, 2021 (Fri) &#12316; 25 (Sun) @ Mane Theater Screenplay and Director: Yosuke Nakajima (Kigami no Soron)
・LUCKUP PRODUCE "Under the River of Heaven..." Wednesday, July 5, 2022 & #12316; Sunday, July 10, 2022 @ Oji Small Theater
Script, Director: Tokuda Takuma (Kowapappa Family) et al


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