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"Night of the Galactic Railway" outdoor performance

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Tokyo Theater Ensemble's representative work "Night on the Galactic Railway" as an annual Christmas performance, but in 2011 the cast was renewed and nationwide performances began. As the world's first stage production in 1982, it has been performed more than 1,800 times since its performance at Brecht's playhouse in December 2018.
moved to Wildfire Stop RAM (Niiza City) in 2019, so Christmas performances are no longer possible, but this time they will hold their first outdoor performance in Tokyo at the newly established Global Ring Theater in Ikebukuro Station West Exit Park.
creates an illusion 4th dimension as a human prayer to "rain down the centaur soup" and a wishful cry in the starry sky, an unfulfilled desire, a human prayer to change the immovable reality. Traveling through the galaxy, encountering the fossils of the tears of many nameless people buried in history and the scorpions that would burn himself to the flames for the true happiness of the people, Giovanni finally breaks up with his precious father and his beloved best friend.
the prayers and desires of people in this world may be projected onto the three-dimensional world and can be changed. Such thoughts are put into the work. Making full use of the open stage unique to
outdoor performances, we will create a truly fantastic fourth-dimensional world in the theater space, with a highly abstract stage set that uses the B stage jutting out from the audience seats and the rocky mountains of the surrounding stage for each scene, and lighting arranged with the depth of the darkness of the galaxy and colorful light.

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Hiroko Nasu ? Tomoko Yamazaki ? Airi Nagano ? Wataru Nagahama ? Hong Meiyu ? Junhiko Asai ? Motota Miki ? Yusuke Oda ? Junhiko Asai ? Wada Sound ? Tomiyama twigs ? Sengoku Takahisae ? Amamiya Daimu ? Michiko Aoyagi?? o.Ruri Mito? ? Takae Suzuki ? Kanami Fukui


Work? Kenji Miyazawa ? Script? Hirotoshi Tsunetoshi ? Directing? Akiko Komori ? Music? Lin Guang ? Performing art? Shigeo Okajima Stripes ° CO Ki Motota ? Image? Keisuke Takahashi ? Illumination? Tomoko Makabe ? Sound? Satoru Tamura ? Costume? Kimiko Yaeda ? Singing instruction? Yasumiko Yoshimura ? Stage manager? Junhiko Asai ? Propaganda art? Suzuki Koji 縲♂恟 H Kei ? Production? Akira Ota


2022/8/26 (Fri) 〜2022/8/28 (Sun)

August 26 (Fri) 19:00
August 27 (Sat) 19:00
August 28 (Sun) 19:00

*Doors open 30 minutes before the show.

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General: 3,800 yen
U30: 3,000 yen
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Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park Outdoor Theater Global Ring Theater


Organizations Overview

Founded in 1954 by the director Tsunetoshi Hirowata, who played a part in new theater activities in postwar Japan, the group aims to be a creative group based on the idea of "creating opportunities for human change in theater acts." In 1977, he built the theater "Brecht's Theater Hut" on the outskirts of Musashiseki, Nerima Ward, Tokyo, with the aim of building on the corner. In an avant-garde theater with open spaces, black boxes, and variable audience seats, about 50 theater company members are constantly seeking out actual theater and developing activities that are oriented to the times and the world on a scale of 250 to 300 stages per year. The current representative is Sawako Shiga. He has performed overseas in
Moscow, London, Italy, Vietnam, Korea, Romania, etc. He is also active in school theater.


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