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35th Anniversary Concert of the Young Lion
Wakalion 35th Anniversary Commemorative Performance "To Chiran" "Killing Squad Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter" [Yamagata Performance]

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Notice from 2022.08.01

This performance has been canceled from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection. Please note that all
tickets will be refunded.


"To Chiran" is neither a war drama nor an anti-war drama. Against the backdrop of war, this is the story of the post-war history of a man who survived the war and survives with vigor and compassion despite shouldering the burden of surviving for the rest of his life. It impressively depicts the scars of people's hearts Japan should not be weathered. And please take a look at the one-act work of the New Kokusai drama tradition that led to the Reiwa, "Killing Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter."

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Akira Kasahara ? Echo Love ? Nobue Ichitani ? Kyoko Nakajo ? Keisuke Sano ? Isao Kobayashi ? Shintaro Matsumoto ? Hideki Igarashi ? Reiko Maito ? Tomoe Mizuguchi ? Yusuke Miura ? Shiro Nakamura ? Kuniyuki Shigemi ? Yuri Miyamoto ? Kendairo Iemon ? Shinichiro Kosaka ? Shinto Akira ? Kataoka Hokai ? Maya ? Chikawa Susara?? X-ri?


"To Chiran" Screenplay? Akira Kasahara ? Directing? Noboru Falconry ? Stage manager? Imamiya Ryomasa ? Music? Yoko Sonoda, mi Rika ? Illumination? Ryuichi Nakajima ? Sound? Hitomi Iizuka ? Still photos? Miwa Maeda ? Hangul language instruction? Yoshika Shibata ? Choreography? Lin Chiharu ? "Killing Squad Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter" Composition, direction, killing? Young Lion Sword Seeking Party


2022/8/15 (Mon)

August 15 (Mon) 14:00

*Doors open 60 minutes before the show starts

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All seats unreserved: 4,500 yen (tax included)

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Tsuruoka City Central Community Hall


Organizations Overview

In September 1987, the "Theater Company Shinkoku Drama" was dissolved, and in October of the same year, it was formed by mid-career members of the same troupe. We have continued to perform new works and masterpieces of Shinkoku Drama through our own projects, and have continued to work on full-fledged period dramas and contemporary dramas. With a new regime and a new start, the Young Lion Kai will continue to work to make you feel the delicate heart and life support songs unique to the Japanese people under the motto of "New" in a world that changes rapidly.


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