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- Ondo Martono in Harada Bushi -
Junichi Inagaki French Version vol.2

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Like the wind blowing on the hills of Montmartre, Junichi Inagaki breaks new ground with the arrival of the world-renowned ondo Martno player Takashi Harada, who plays a mysterious sound born in France.

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Junichi Inagaki ? Setsu Harada


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2022/10/15 (Sat)

Saturday, October 15, 2022 Open 13:30 Start 14:00

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Junichi Inagaki
Born on July 9, 1953. Born in Sendai.
started full-fledged band activities from junior high school. After graduating from high school at
, while performing live at various places such as live houses, discos, and U.S. military camps, he attracted attention with his vocal style while hitting
drums, and made his debut in 1982 with "Rainy Regret".
"Dramatic Rain" (1982), "Summer Horn" (1983), "Around Christmas Carol" (1992) and others. Performing "Concept Live" since 2016
released an album selected from among five "Man and Woman", "TWO HEARTS TWO VOICES LIKE THE WIND OF THAT SUMMER" in August 2019 and "TWO HEARTS TWO VOICES IN THAT CITY WHERE ORION BLINKS" IN NOVEMBER 2019. In January 2022, the 40th anniversary of
's debut, he released a collaboration album with piano titled "Forever Yours Vol.1", and on March 30, he released a 40th anniversary project album "Junichi Inagaki Meets Tetsuji Hayashi" with two new songs.

1983 Japan Record Awards Best Album Award "SHYLIGHTS"
1986 Japan Record Awards Best Album Award "REALISTIC"
1987 TBS Japan Composition Awards Grand Prize "Beach Club of Memories"
1993 Japan Gold Disc Awards "Around Christmas Carol"
2009 Japan Record Awards Planning Award winner "Man and Woman" and "Man and Woman 2"
2011 1st Tohoku Good Ager Awards
Official Site
Official Twitter @InagakiJunichi

Setsu Harada (Ondo Martno, piano) Takashi Harada
started playing the violin at the age of three and piano at the age of seven, but his encounter with Ondo Martno, who excelled in his strong ability to express himself, was shocking, and he decided to go to France after graduating from Keio University's Faculty of Economics. He graduated summa laude from the Ondo Martnot Department of the Conservatoire Conservatoire National Sup?rieure de Paris and began his active performance career as an ondo martnot performer. In particular, his concerts as a soloist in the late Olivier Messiaen's [Turangarila Symphony], one of the leading French composers of the 20th century, have exceeded 330 performances in 20 countries at major theaters such as Carnegie Hall, Berlin Philharmonic Hall, Champs-Elys?es, Paris Opera, and La Scala in Milan. In addition, the CD recording of the same song with the Royal Netherlands Concertgebouw Orchestra has won the French Deer Pasondor Award, and has received worldwide acclaim.  At the same time,
has been in charge of keyboards and vocals in rock bands since his student days, and continues to perform actively live activities such as bringing Ondo Martnot to rock. His representative works as a composer include the Ondo Martno Concerto [Twilight, Light Fallen], the theatrical animated feature [The Palm Tree], and the Suite [Olive Rain]. In TV commercials, "Ibono Ito" and "Daiwa House" are currently being broadcast, and many people must have heard the sound of Ondo Marutono without knowing it. He has received the Global Music Encouragement Award, the Idemitsu Music Award, the Hida Furukawa Music Grand Prize Encouragement Award, the Yokohama Culture Encouragement Award, the Best Music Award at the Breckenridge Film Festival, and the Music Pen Club Award.
Official Site


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