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A Sokkai Christmas Nino Rota's Opera


Performance content

"Opera Meets Metaverse supported by Mitsubishi Estate"

the third act to be given for Christmas.
The composer of the movie "The Godfather" depicts a romantic and fashionable love affair between ordinary Italians.

Part 1 Open 15:45 Start 16:30
"The Theme of Love" from the movie "The Godfather"
opera "The Shy Two"

Part 2 Open 18:15 Start 19:00
Movie "The Way" "La Strada (The Road)"
opera "driving school"
film "Fellini's Amarcoldo"
opera "Night of the Neurotic"

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The opera "The Shy Two"? Kohei Yamamoto 縲竝闕√?%c Village Yuki Ezushi¥泱剥 N Sukesu ♂ Kokura Yui 縲竕コ Akiko 縲 &∴ 苒 J Moe 子縲♀ ♀′纉. Haruma 縟 ♂ H Daiju 縟 £| Shimomizuho ? Opera "Driving School"? Kohei Yamamoto %c Murayuki ? The opera "Night of the Neurotic"? Hiroyuki Iida′纉. Haruma 縲¥泱剥 N 介縲%n 辺正親縲 £|下水穂縲£r Da Toru?? 2/25?EME?"Kei Ito?? 2/24? ? Piano? Ken Tanaka ? Film music? Miho Shimokawa?? Buy @ Iolin? EME?£?Komiho?? 'Ello? Emma? Yasuko Yano?? S ano?


Supervision, piano? Ubaldo Fabbri ? Directing? Keiichi Nakamura ? Command? Keiko Hirano


2022/12/24 (Sat) 〜2022/12/25 (Sun)

December 24 (Sat) [Part 1] 16:30 / [Part 2] 19:00
December 25 (Sun) [Part 1] 16:30 / [Part 2] 19:00

*Doors open 45 minutes before the show.

Ticket Fee

【Part 1】
S seats General: 7,000 yen
A seats General: 4,000 yen
S seats Chiyoda Ward Residents' Discount: 5,000 yen
A seats Chiyoda Ward Residents' Discount: 2,500 yen
Students: 1,000 yen

[Part 2]
S seats General : 10,000 yen
A seats General: 8,000 yen
S seats Chiyoda ward resident discount: 7,000 yen
A seats Chiyoda ward resident discount: 5,000 yen
students: 1,500 yen

(all seats reserved, tax included)

* If you are looking for a student seat, you will be asked to confirm your student ID card at the entrance on the day. If you do not present your student ID, we will charge you the difference on the day
* If you enter with a Chiyoda City resident discount ticket, please bring a document that can confirm your address on the day.

This ticket is also available in [Telephone reservation] .
Confetti Ticket Center
(weekdays 10:00-18:00)

"Seat Selection"

+ Ticketing Fee


Nikkei Hall


・ If there is a change in the number of seats occupied at the venue due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the seat and seat number purchased may be changed.
・Cancellation Policy: In principle, tickets are non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding.
/ Preschoolers are also allowed to enter, but if you are inconvenienced by everyone around you such as chatting or crying, please watch in the lobby.
If you are a child of an infant and you are accompanied by an adult and do not use a seat (when you sit on the lap of an accompanying adult), one infant per accompanying person is free of charge.
If you need a seat, please purchase it.

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