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Chopin: Polonaise No.6 Op.53 in A-flat major "Hero" - Rika Miyatani
Scriabin: Practice Pieces Op.8 to No.11 Andante Cantabile, No.12 "Misery" - Kotaro Fukuma
. Rachmaninoff: "The Time of Entertainment" No.6 - Matsuda Kaon
Chrysler/ Rachmaninoff: "The Joy of Love" - Daisuke Yagi
. Stravinsky (arranged by Guido Agosti): "Vicious Dance" from Firebird - Akikawa Kazemasa
. Casado: Dear Words - Yuko Mizutanigawa and others

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Yuko Mizutanikawa?? 'Ello emcee? ? Rika Miyatani?? S ano??? Kotaro Fukuma?? S ano??? Matsuda Kaon?? S ano??? Daisuke Yagi?? S ano??? Akikawa Fumasa?? S ano?



2022/10/2 (Sun)

10/2 (Sun) Open 13:15 / Start 14:00

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S seats: 6,000 yen
A seats: 5,000 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

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Kioi Hall


* Track listing and song order are subject to change.
*Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.

tickets will not be reissued under any circumstances.
Except in the case of cancellation of performance due to force majeure, the fee will not be refunded or exchanged. In addition, we will not compensate for travel expenses in the event of cancellation or postponement of performances. In the case of a refund, the refund will be made at the face price of the ticket.
・ Entrance during the performance and photography, audio recording / recording inside the venue are strictly prohibited.
・Please note that the track listing, performers, etc. may be changed due to circumstances.
・ The organizer and the hall are not responsible for any accidents that occur in the venue without following the instructions and precautions of the staff.
We are not responsible for any trouble with tickets purchased by resale.

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