Choir Edo Collaria
Choir Edo Collaria 21st Concert

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Performance content

Négy régi magyar népdal (four old Hungarian folk songs)
Composition/Bartók Béla
Conductor/Takuya Yamawaki

Trīs dziesmas ( 3 Songs) [Commissioned Premiere]
Poetry / Composed by Knuts Skujenieks / Pēteris Vasks
Conductor / Takuya Yamawaki

La Cucaracha
Mexican Folk Song Arranger/Robert Sund
Conductor/Masayuki Murata

"My Village Was a Battlefield" for male chorus and piano ―A Journalist's Record―
Text Composition and Composition / Nobunaga Takatomi
Conductor / Takuya Yamawaki Piano / Hiroshi Matsumoto

Male Chorus Suite "Moonlight and the Clown"
Poetry by Daigaku Horiguchi Composition/Shimizu Osamu
Conductor/Takuya Yamawaki

"Composition with Angels" for male chorus and piano
Poetry / Shuntaro Tanigawa Composition / Matsumoto Nozomi
Conductor / Murata Masayuki Piano / Hiroshi Matsumoto

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Command? Takuya Yamawaki ¢ Koda Masayuki ? Piano? Hiroshi Matsumoto ? Chorus? Choir Edo Collaria



2022/8/7 (Sun)

August 7 (Sun) 14:00

*Doors open 60 minutes before the show starts

Ticket Fee

S seats: 2500 yen
A seats: 1500 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

*WEB reservation only.
Confetti Ticket Centre does not accept phone calls.

+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall


Organizations Overview

Mainly students and working people in their 20s and 30s continue to pursue the new appeal of male choir and continue to work vigorously.
As a flexible choir that is constantly changing without being bound by tradition, we value an atmosphere that is not bound by age or the university you graduated from, and while we will follow up with members who are unable to participate due to personal circumstances from a medium- to short-term perspective, we will ask for guidance from Hiroshi Oshima as a voice trainer to solve vocal problems. Under the motto of
"Everyone is the protagonist", they are working to acquire a new sound and style of male chorus.


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