- Song Concert in the Forest of Forests × Salon de Foresta -
What?! Anyway, Song Sanso Series in Kansai [September]

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Following the Salon de Foresta in Kyushu in February this year, a four-part series will be delivered in a four-part series from the autumn of the arts - What?! Anyway, the Song Three Ambiguous Series!
This time there is also nationwide distribution! Titled

Forest's Song Concert × Salon de Forest, we will deliver a concert that will "cheer you up" both mentally and physically, with Kansai entertainer Kozo Kita, and violin Kazunori Sato and Eriko Miura, who performed with Foresta for male voices last year, also cheering them on.

is also scheduled to be held twice a day as a more familiar concert in a small space, with a limited number of about 50 people per performance.

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Mariko Utsumi ? Rina Miyake ? Yuko Ogasawara ? Kaoru Sawada ? Naoki Takeuchi ? Shingo Yokoyama ? Kozo Kita?? Q Stoper?



2022/9/8 (Thu)

September 8 (Thu)
1st performance Start 12:00 / Open 11:30 Performance time: 12:00〜13:30
2nd performance Start 16:00 / Open 15:30 Performance hours: 16:00〜17:30

Ticket Fee

【Performance Ticket】4,500 yen
(tax included, each performance, limited to about 50 seats / All seats reserved)

This ticket is [Telephone reservation] are also available.
Confetti Ticket Center
(weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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