Iwami Ginzan International Academy of Music 2022 Professor Concert
Toma Prevo Flute Recital


Performance content

[Iwami Ginzan International Academy of Music 2022 Professor Concert]
the world's highest peak! The essence of the elegant, pure French flute of the master Thomas Prevo!!
A masterpiece born in Prague A performance with young ally Miroslav Sekela has been decided to come to Japan for the first time in a long time!!

Jean-Louis True Grand Solo No. 3 Op. 74
TULOU Jean Louis : Grand Solo N°3 Opus 74 pour Flute et Piano

Arthur Honegger Dance of the Goat (flute solo)
HONEGER Arthur : Danse de la Chevre pour Flute Seule

Philippe Gobert Sonata for flute and piano in A major
GAUBERT Philippe : Sonate en La Majeur pour Flute et Piano

Gabriel Faur? Fantasia for Flute and Piano, Op.79
FAURE Gabriel : Fantaisie pour Flute et Piano

Sergei Prokofiev Flute Sonata D major, Op.94
PROKOFIEV Serguei : Sonate Opus 94 en re majeur pour flute et Piano

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Toma Prevo?? t root??? Miroslav Sekera?? S ano?



2022/9/8 (Thu)

9/8 (Thursday) Open 18:30 Start 19:00

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General: 6,000 yen
high school students and under: 4,000 yen
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Hakuju Hall


● Please refrain from entering preschoolers
● The contents of the performance are subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.
● If you wish to have a wheelchair seat, please let us know at the time of ticket purchase.
● There is no private parking lot at the performance venue. Please use public transport.

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