- Understanding the beauty of nursery rhymes, chants, love songs, and Japanese songs -
LaLala ♪ Classical Concert Vol.13 "Beautiful Japanese Songs: The Music of Singing"

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LaLala ♪ Classical Concert Vol.13 / Vitali Yushmanov's Message Video

nursery rhymes sung by my mother when I was a little girl are melodies that are close to the heart at the moment when you grow up with
. Nursery rhymes that began as songs that children can sing in
are still sung more than 100 years later, and the chant that
learned in elementary school and the love songs that they learned as adults are also sung over the ages.
wonderful Japanese songs spun by many musicians have a message that nurtures the heart of the Japanese people that will not change even if the
times change. Please enjoy the beautiful Japanese songs to the fullest with a fun talk by
host Katsunori Takahashi.

A deluxe edition featuring six popular opera singers. The show's first MC, Mino Kahazawa, appeared as a pianist.
Tokyo performance starts at 14:00.

"Araki no Tsuki" / "Pretty Ya" / "Song of the beach" / "This road" / "First love" / "Hoshi Meguri no Uta" / "Aki Sakura" / "Love Lantern" / "Song of Life" / "The Wind Is Blowing" / "Hisunkusa" Other
* The track list is subject to change.

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Ken Nishikori ? Saara Kobayashi ? Kazuma Kudo ? Fuji Tree Daichi ? Yamada sisters ? Vitali Yushmanov ? Composer and piano? Mino Kabasawa ? Piano? Shigeto Yamagishi ? Emcee? Katsunori Takahashi



2022/7/21 (Thu)

7/21 (Thursday) 14:00
*13:00 Lobby opening

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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall


* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter
* Performers are subject to change, but refunds will not be made even in that case.
*The venue and operation method may change depending on the new coronavirus infection situation.
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