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Kenji Ohba Support Event ~ Dynamic! HERO in Ikebukuro

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Talk & Mini Live Event
(* There may be a surprise guest?) ※)

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Tomokazu Seki ? Morihiro Hoshino ? Sayoko Hagiwara ? Junichi Iwai ? Asakurami ? Hisashi Shinba ? Nakamaru Aoi?? ffice minimi? ? Tsubakihara Honon?? X Lizier? ? Sengoku Bake Nekohime Team?? t Feng, Rin Atsuta, Riho Shimada? ? ? And.more!


List of <support project members and people who are guiding you> ※50 alphabetical order※? Toru Inada?? Ko Yu? Emma? ♀ ∴ Shi? E-Fighter/Suit Actor? Emma? ¥纐?] Ewha Flower Stripe′J Masakazu?? 汢謇二?峨? $_ Tani Akira?? Ko Yu? Emma? ♀ Nao Nda??? Ni?Emi?°?c Akira?? Fute? Emma? @Skull Ko Nobuhiro?? Governor/Director? Emma? ♀ Yo Tomoichi?? Ko Yu? Emma? $" Ryosuke Ta≠ Nowa no Makoto?? 汢謇二?峨? @Kenji Muno?? o Yu? Emma? %。 Sawatoru?? 汢謇二?峨? #旧エ佐代子?? Viewing D?峨? %nSides Someraki??? Ne family? Emma? %nWestern History?? o Yu/Space Detective Sharivan? ? <event organizers>? Takada Mizuki Stripes °{Saki Masayuki Stripes°CR Ta Takashi Stripes<I Omkai Yujin Stripes;ucchie Stripes#M Qi Roger


2022/7/9 (Sat)

13:00 Admission starts
13:30 Shinba Hisashi Live
13:45 First half talk starts
14:15 Sengoku Bakenekohime Team Live
14:25MC Nakamaru Aoi ・ Tsubakihara Honon's dance performance
14:35 Break
14:45 Asakurami Kuri Live
15:00 Second Half Talk
15:30 Lottery
15:40 Big Chorus Time (One Song) - Group Photo
15:50 〆 Greetings 〜 Closing
16:00 Merchandise Sales Start < /> 17:00 End

18:00 After-party admission starts at Ikebukuro MJ
18:15 after-party starts

※ Please note that the location of this performance and after-party are different ※
※ Please note that there are some guests who do not participate in the after-party

Ticket Fee

General: 4,000 yen
ticket with after-party: 7,000 yen
(seat reservation from 1 to 50, later number is all-standing)
*Drink fee not included

※It will be accepted only by WEB reservation.
Confetti Ticket Centre does not accept phone calls.

["Moba Pass (Electronic Ticket)" performance] (* Card payment only)
If you are using it for the first time, LINK It is necessary to install the application "Moba Pass" (free) provided by STATION and register the application number on the member's My Page. There is no problem even after reservation. It may take about 15 to 30 minutes for the ticket to be displayed in the
app. If you can't see the display, try restarting the app or refreshing the page.
(For details of "Moba Pass (electronic ticket)"here )

+ Ticketing Fee


Ikebukuro Live Inrosa / Ikebukuro MJ (After Party Venue)


・There will be a group photo shoot on the day, so if you have a Kenji Ohba support T-shirt, please bring it to the venue or wear it before coming.

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Kenji Ohba Support Project


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