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TEAM Fantasy Laughter Year 10th performance "VAMPIRE ~Reunited In Pain~"

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it is a group of deformed forms that suddenly appeared

the unhuman figure
unhuman power
even if the Knights of the Kingdom of took 10 years
Unable to defeat even one of them
the invisible raid will not subside

, but Alan, who has joined the Order of the Kingdom, meets the
captain Phine and gets closer to the truth of the battle

Dilla Yves Arco Talc Salyu Forte Kubal

What are the vampires' purpose?
Kingdom hides?

on a battlefield where each of us is prepared to
who will survive and become "justice"

"VAMPIRE," which was performed in 2017, returns to theaters after five years

"VAMPIRE〜 Reunited In Pain〜』

reunite with this story

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Taro Ariga ? Shigeru Fukuda ? Reina Nakajima ? Asuka Sudo ? Yutaka Hasegawa?? NE, TEAM FANCY LOL YEAR? ? ? Maechuryo ? Kana Aoyagi ? Sho Kadono?? emotion? ? Nagisa Kashima ? Tohru Mai Dream ?? The Stage Alliance to Ry?he? ? Daichi Sh?go ? Kozabur? Ezoe ? Atsunari Fujii??? Dan Sunflower? ? Maho Kitamura ? Fumi Kumano ? Airi Shimoda ? Mio Suzuki ? Now Mr. Eita?? Smoke? Unit astime? ? Ryo Iwakiri?? l Zimaki lizard??? Ayaka Manabe ? Tsuyoshi Hirata ? Shoda Yu right?? OW? ? Action ensemble? Iguchi Tree Streak ¢ Ninaho Ruiki?? Hakusho Waasal? EME?¢ Seda Asahiki?? Rui-kai? Emma? <'Lapa R. Tanaka Stripe $Shi Mountain Daichi


Original? Sotaro Takeishi?? View?? Adaptation/directing? Taro Ariga?? View?? Stage manager? Saburo Sumichi ? Illumination? Shisa Chika?? ictiF? ? Sound? Mana-T?? View?? Kanako Ito ? Tune? Indigo Zhou?? X Taggio Mountain Depths? ? Performing art? Ayano Sato ? Action choreography? Taro Ariga?? View?? Action Choreography Assistant? Yutaka Hasegawa?? View?? Hair and makeup plan? Misaki Daichi ? Clothing? Reina Nakajima?? View?? Gadget? Asuka Sudo?? View?? Assistant Director? Kaho Hiramatsu?? APLIN?EME? ♀ Namiki Kasa X ? Propaganda art? Kaho Murai?? INTTO? ? Photography? Shinichi Watanabe ? DVD shooting? ICLABO ? CM/DVD Editing? Tomoaki Abe?? View?? Merchandising? Reina Nakajima?? ヲ?峨? `ana-T?? ヲ?峨?£ Yutaka Kitanigawa?? View?? Web production? Reina Nakajima?? View?? Production? Sotaro Takeishi?? View?? Assistant Producer? Shigeru Fukuda?? View?? Planning/Production? 叶多project 縲=ヲ TEAM Fantasy Laugh Year Theater Company Member


2022/9/14 (Wed) 〜2022/9/18 (Sun)

September 14 (Wed) ~ 18 (Sun), 2022
All 8 stages
9/14 (Wed) 19:00
9/15 (Thu) 19:00
9/16 (Fri) 14:00/19:00
9/17 (Sat) 13:00/18:00
9/18 (Sun) 12:00/17:00
*Running time is scheduled to be 2 hours.
*Registration starts 45 minutes before the show. Doors open 30 minutes before the doors open.
* Unless there is an unavoidable circumstance in the Year of Fantasy Laughter, we comply with "scheduled start". We ask for your understanding and cooperation in coming to the venue as soon as possible.

Ticket Fee

S seats: 5,500 yen
A seats: 4,500 yen
A seats 500 yen discount! A seats 4,500 yen → confetti A seats 4,000 yen!
(all seats reserved, tax included)

*WEB reservation only.
Confetti Ticket Centre does not accept phone calls.

+ Ticketing Fee


Theater Alpha Tokyo


Organizations Overview

Launched in August 2013. This is the tenth performance. Based on
easy to understand and interesting,
create works with the theme of meeting expectations and betraying expectations.


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