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Mr. Kamazuka extends his wings [Tokyo performance]


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Akashi Kamazuka, who had vowed to take no leave for the rest of his life> cry crying sleeper express.
love! Murder! Reckless driving! "There is no bridge!"
the sixth installment of the Kamazuka series. My first train journey.

Akashi Kamazuka (Hiroki Miyake), famous as the "Perfect Butler", After falling in love with the maid Uemi Keshiki, whom he had secretly cared about, he lost his temper completely, and was sentenced to leave by his master, who did not see it.
But Akashi, who has been working hard so far, doesn't know how to take a break. I was at a loss as to what to do, when by chance a ticket for the luxury sleeper express "Albion" came to me. Wondering if he deserves it, Akashi gets on board.

and in the car, he is reunited with Chital (Fumi Nikaido), the daughter of the Watakoji family who once served.
Chital had lost both of his parents at a young age (from "Mr. Kamazuka, Stomach You").
Chital's attendant is a young man with a worried face, Ryosuke Manabe (Kaion Sakurai). He is said to be suspected of being the perpetrator of a recent murder at the Cottonkoji house.
Chital, who is the daughter of a famous family but longs to be a detective, is burning to find out the truth.
asks Akashi to help find the real culprit who apparently boarded the train. To tell the truth, Akashi was in pain to rest, so he eventually began to investigate the passengers' background.

The face behind the is a bustling mess of characters, such as the businessman Tokuji Yanagidaira (Makita Sports), who is a fraudster, the quiz-loving Marquis and Suwa Nogiku (Naomi Nishida), and the lively characters such as Usa Sumikichi (Takamasa Tamaki), an old acquaintance of Akashi's, and Akashi becomes involved in a troublesome commotion once again. Then, a second incident broke out on the train!

In the midst of a fast train, how can Akashi's performance lead to a big circle with a happy ending, how is the ending---!


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Miyake Hiroki ? Nikaido Fumi ? Kaion Sakurai ? Takamasa Tamaki ? Makita Sports ? Naomi Nishida


Writing and directing? Yutaka Kuramochi


2022/7/17 (Sun) 〜2022/8/7 (Sun)

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