New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Special Concert
Zurassian Brass vs New Japan Philharmonic Midsummer Kohaku Classic Battle 2022 [Tokyo]


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The New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and the Zurassian Brass Friends Battle With Music! ? Each soloist performs a fascinating concerto. From classic classics to new premieres, this is a rare midsummer classical concert with animals and orchestras delivering full of humor! Admission from the age of 0 OK

◆ Program
Fanfare of animal ties dedicated to children around the world (composer: Hiroki Takahashi)
Yagi concerto (Composition: Nagayo Motoi, Ikuma / Arrangement: Ryota Ishikawa)
Large clock (Composition: Clay Henry Work / Arrangement: Shunsuke Takizawa)
frying pan concerto (composer: Hiroki Takahashi)
Jericho the Funk (TRADITIONAL / Arrangement Naoto Yamaguchi)
Rhapsody yes (composition: Kohei Nishishita)
and others

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command? Kazuki Wada ? orchestral music? Sumatran Tiger <C Andlion 縲 #Tea сM 縲<h Khukrangur<<gata b Sa-<x Lugamot 縲 <i Makemono Yenoku



2022/8/11 (Thu)

Aug. 11 (Thu/ Holiday) 13:00 Open / 14:00 Start

※ There is a break, about 100 minutes (planned)
※ Stroller storage, diaper changing space, nursing room are available.

August 14 (Sun) Kawaguchi Cultural Center Lilia. Click here for details>>

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Ticket Fee

General: 4,000 yen
Junior high and high school students: 3,000 yen
children (3 years old to elementary school students): 2,000 yen
knee-upper parent and child seats * (1 adult + 1 child under 2 years old): 4,000 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

* Children over 3 years old, children over 3 years old And if you are under 2 years of age and need a seat, please purchase a ticket at a child fee of 2,000 yen.
*Elementary, junior high, and high school students are advised to bring a certificate on the day of the performance.

Tickets are also available > .m.
canfetti ticket center
(weekdays 10:00-18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Sumida Triphony Hall Large Hall


from 0 years old ※ Performers, songs, etc. may be changed without notice due to circumstances.
※ We do not accept refunds, changes, cancellations, etc. of tickets after reservations and purchases, except in the case of cancellation of the concert.

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