Bakumatsu Opera Shinsengumi Gaiden [The Woman Who Loved Toshizo] [Sendai]


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the story of a man trying to survive in the turbulent B198 morale and a woman who loved him

time is the end of the Tokugawa shogunate. Following The Great Prison of Ansei, a change outside the Sakurada gate occurred, and a storm of reforms in which thought was disturbed blew up. The shogunate or the imperial court, the opening of the country, or the yin.
At the end of the turbulent Tokugawa shogunate, there were men with enthusiastic will who worked hard to protect Japan.
"I prepare for death and do my best" This is a story of a man who tries to survive as a samurai against the times, Shinsengumi Toshizo Hijikata and a woman who loved him.

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Hiroshi Sugawara ? Moe Aoki ? Shimura Shoichi ? Daiki Isoya ? Tomokazu Uchida ? Kakisako Hide ? other


Original lyrics? Aoi Eito ? Writer and direction? Yoshida Tochiaki ? Composer and music director? Tadahiro Nakamura


2022/8/24 (Wed)

Aug. 24 (Wed) 17:45 Open / 18:30 Start

※ Performers are different for each performance.
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Advance: 8,000 yen
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Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai Theatre Hall


*Please refrain from entering preschool children.

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