Kanze Kyu-kai
Exploring a foreign country
Wakatake Noh July Performance


Performance content

The theme of Wakatake Noh in 2022 is titled "Foreign Country Exploration", and a Noh performance of Chinese food (Chinese thing) will be performed.
The February performance will be performed by Noh "Toho saku" and "Han ha", and the July performance will be performed by The Subject Of Yoshiyuki to the subject by Yoshiyuki to the subject in addition to the Noh performance <"Yang Guifei" " and other tangerine songs.

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"Yang Guifei"? Hideaki Kojima $X Tsuneyoshiu¢P Take Daijiro 1%. Is it ♀ ≠ T.T. Ihiro Tadashi? "One Horned Hermit"? Naoya Komase "Jiro Ikuma 縲恊♂? P Seiyun $Hiroto Hoi¢?? - 縲#Tomoko Tanda#Seiichi Muta 縲 £Mara TaroMasato Yaji ≠? termination? Kanze Kinojoma ♀ Seki Masama "O Ta Yuichi 縲恊♂? P Osamu ♂ Tao. Kiku 縲° Smoked q Jin Chisho


Kanze Kyu-kai


2022/7/24 (Sun)

July 24 (Sun) 13:00 Start There is a break in the middle

※ Doors open 30 minutes before the start

Ticket Fee

! waki and middle front seats 5,500 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → [Reserved seat redemption ticket] 4,200 yen and 300P get!

Tickets are [Phone Reservation] Is also available.
> canfetti ticket center
(weekdays 10:00-18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Yarai Noh Theater


07/24 (Sun) 13:00 8 people

[Reserved seat redemption ticket]
Day, please exchange for a seat ticket at the reception 30 minutes before the start.
may not be available. Please understand it beforehand.

Organizations Overview

Kanzekyu Kokai Is a Noh theater that conducts Noh activities, which are traditional performing arts, nationwide based at the Yarai Noh Theater in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. A public performance of "Wakatake-kai" aimed at cultivating young Noh performers.


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