Soichiro Sorihashi "Sledpa vol.28"

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Soichiro Soichiro Sorihashi "Sleda vol.28"
Yotsuya 3-chome Dream Theater will be held!

Teppei Hosono (thank you)
◆ Guest
Part 1: Kyohei Kushita, Toru Yamaki
Part 2: Yudai Suzuki, Kenichi Yumoto

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Soichiro Sotohashi ? MC? Teppei Hosono ??? Rei to? Guest [1 part]? Kyohei Kushita°CR Wood toru ? Guest [2 parts]? Yudai Suzuki%Ino {Kenichi



2021/12/13 (Mon)

Dec. 13 (Mon.)
[Part 1] 13:00
[Part 2] 17:00
* Each part opening is 30 minutes before the start

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 7,000 yen (tax included)

* Drink fee 600 yen

This ticket is only <<><> [WEB reservation] Font> receptionist. Reservations cannot be made by
by phone.
+ Ticketing Fee


Yotsuya 3-chome Dream Theater


This event is being prepared in accordance with the policy of measures against new coronavirus infection established by the government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
, all seats reserved for this event.
tickets are accepted on a first-served basis.
tickets can be purchased up to 2 tickets per performance. please note that or deposit. and event cancellation. Please understand it beforehand. or reply email. Please set the environment where you can receive emails. or seat.
, waiting, waiting for entry will be a nuisance to neighboring residents, so please refrain from doing so.
, "Flower Gift" from customers will be completely resigned. Photography, video recording, recording, etc. with
, electronic devices such as mobile phones and cameras are strictly prohibited.
and gifts will be kept at the present box in the venue. (We do not accept gifts or letters for guests.)

[Prohibition of resale of tickets]
■ Reselling the right to purchase tickets and tickets, promoting sales in business, or using them in acts judged to be similar are strictly prohibited.
If any act that is believed to fall under the above is discovered, the ticket may be invalidated and admission may be refused. In this case, please note that we will not refund any ticket fees, travel expenses, etc.

■ When you give a ticket to a friend or acquaintance at a fixed price or give the ticket to a companion, please be sure to explain from the ticket purchaser so as not to resell auction listings etc.

*We are not responsible for any troubles related to the transfer of tickets.


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