Drama "THE SHOW TIME" DVD, Blu-lay sales decision release event


Performance content

Not to mention the behind story of the shooting of the drama, it is a little show of the making video recorded on DVD, Blu-lay, and the content of the volume perfect score and the reading play of the original story written down in the
event only and
volume! !

*DVD and Blu-lay will be on pre-order.

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Saki Kitazawa?? KB48? ? Saho Iwatate?? KB48? ? Maria Shimizu?? KB48? ? Yukari Sasaki?? KB48? ? Offshore Buds



2021/12/4 (Sat)

Dec. 04 (Sat)
[Part 1] 13:00
[Part 2] 17:00
※ Doors open 45 minutes before the start.
*The performance time is scheduled to be 90 minutes.

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 5,000 yen (tax included)

Tickets are accepted for
[WEB reservation] only . Reservations cannot be made by
by phone.
+ Ticketing Fee


Tokiwa Hall, Thunder 5656 Hall


, This event is prepared in accordance with the policy of measures against new coronavirus infection established by the government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Please refrain from
and loud cheers. Please refrain from talking to friends in the
lobby. Please refrain from moving around the
or the audience.
, all seats reserved for this event.
tickets are on sale on a first-day basis.
tickets can only be purchased for 2 tickets per person. please note that or deposit. Tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded due to customer circumstances, except in cases where
or performance is canceled. When purchasing a ticket, please carefully judge after thoroughly inspecting it taking into account your physical condition and environment. or reply email. Please set the environment where you can receive emails. or seat.
, waiting, waiting for entering will be a nuisance to neighboring residents ⺠, so please refrain from.
, "Flower Gifts" and "Gifts (including letters)" from customers will be completely accepted. and electronic devices such as mobile phones and cameras are strictly prohibited.

[Prohibition of resale of tickets]
■ Reselling the right to purchase tickets and tickets, promoting sales in business, or using them in acts judged to be similar are strictly prohibited. If any of the above-mentioned actions are discovered, the ticket may be invalidated and entry may be refused. In this case, please note that we will not refund any ticket fees, travel expenses, etc.
■ When you give a ticket to a friend or acquaintance at a price or give the ticket to your companion, please be sure to explain from the ticket purchaser so that it is not resold such as auction listing.
※We are not responsible for any troubles related to the transfer of tickets

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