Baba Ryoma Event "Horse Association Vol.19 Birthday Special in Tokyo"

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Baba Ryoma Event "Horse Association Vol.19 Birthday Special in Tokyo"
will be held at Tokiwa Hall!

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Ryoma Baba



2021/12/19 (Sun)

December 19 (Sun)
[Part 1] 11:50 open / 12:30 start
[2 part] 14:50 open / 15:30 start
[3 parts] 17:50 open / 18:30 start

※ The event is scheduled for about 90 minutes.

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 7,700 yen (tax included) *

with bonus goods ※ As a bonus goods, we plan not for sale bromide and video card.
※ Bonus goods are available in different patterns in each part
※ Benefits are subject to change without notice. Approve it beforehand.

Tickets are accepted for
[WEB reservation] only Reservations cannot be made by
by phone.
+ Ticketing Fee


Tokiwa Hall, Thunder 5656 Hall


*Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.

※ Family and friends may also sit apart according to the latest information such as the infection situation of the new coronavirus. Please understand it beforehand.
◇The name of the purchaser will be written on the ticket.
◇ Refunds other than when the performance is canceled are not possible at all regardless of circumstances. Please note that even in the case of natural changes and related transportation troubles, refunds cannot be made when a performance is performed.
◇Please note that tickets cannot be reissued under any circumstances such as loss or theft. You cannot enter the wrong date and time of the performance, forgetting your ticket, etc. Please be sure to check the date and time of your ticket before visiting.

The contents of the above events are subject to change without notice. Please understand it beforehand.
Also, the schedule may be changed due to the latest information such as the infection situation of the new coronavirus. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We plan to hold an event after taking measures to prevent infection based on the policies and guidelines of the new coronavirus infection countermeasures established by the government and local governments.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation for infection prevention and infection prevention.

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Toki Entertainment Co., Ltd. (weekdays 11:00-18:00) please be sure to fill in the "Horse Association" in the subject line of
, "Name" and "Contact information" that can be contacted during the day in the text. if you do not fill in
, we may not be able to reply.

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