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A beautiful girl taoist Tenten, who dominated the world in the late 80s, is a big success against Kyonshi
horror comedy "Yugen Doshi Kyoncise"

action, we will deliver royal entertainment with tears and horror as a stage!

[What is "Yugen Doshi Kyoncshizu">
A blockbuster Taiwanese Kyungshi movie that aired on TBS "Monday Roadshow" in 1987.
Based on the Hong Kong KyungShi movie "Reigen Taoist", an action horror comedy set in Qing Dynasty China, "Yugen Taoist Kyonshizu", starring a girl named TenTen, is televised and recorded a high audience rating.
Sequel series was aired in response to its popularity, and in 1988, TBS produced and aired the spin-off work "Come!

4 children traveling with street performers.
One night, when they meet the Kyeongxi team in the woods, they are interested in the strange appearance and release Kyonshi's bill with the intention of a little mischief.
All panicked by Kyonsie who went on a rampage, and in the midst of that, the boss is stepped on by Kyonsshi.
that was the beginning of the misfortune.

parents and children meet a very cute girl Tenten in a certain town.
children who try to attract attention to be friends but are not as if they are not.
, while the boss was abandoned by luck after being stepped on by Kyonshi, and lost a big hit.
is suspected of child abuse and arrested by Chief Deb. Children who got lost in the road head are taken by Chief Deb and go to the money grandfather.
There, the children were overjoyed to reunite with the cute girl Tenten who met in the town, but that night, Kyonsi appeared in front of the boss who was put in jail ...

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Momoka Onishi?? cast?? Midori Nagatsuki?? cast?? Teru Ikuta ? Saori Nishida?? "Witty? Horikoshi Ena ? Nemoto Style ? Daiki Miyoshi ? Yuya Miyashita ? Yuma Yoshikawa ? Kitamura Kai ? Kimura Shinta ? Seima Adachi ? Takuya Ando ? Endo Chiori ? South America Jin ? Nadagi Takeshi


Writer and direction? Narise Yusei ? planning? Office Invaders ? production? "Yugen-doshi Kyoncshizu THE STAGE" Production Committee


2021/12/8 (Wed) 〜2021/12/12 (Sun)

December 10 (Fri) 14:00 ● / 19:00○
6 people each 12 people

○ Momoka Onishi appearance / ● Midori Nagatsuki Appearance

※ Opening 30 minutes before the start

Ticket Fee

limited to 12 people! General 8,500 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → 7,200 yen and 4,200P ! (updated 12/08 13:45)

TKTS Shibuya store , 12/09~ released at 6,000P get!

Tickets here are [Phone Reservation] are also available.

(weekdays 10:00-18:00)
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Shinjuku Village LIVE


* Please pick up premium ticket not for sale at the venue on the day.

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