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the more the more you love the country, the more you become a murderer

221 BC---
power "Qin" unifies the whole of China across seven countries.
later became the first emperor of Qin.#23348;

, but most powerful in its supremacy, using the most military strategy, there is a genius soldier who supported the government as the prime minister of
name is "Shohei-kun". knowledge but also has a takeshi. The life of this man, full of

tragedy, is always with the First Emperor,>The First Emperor,>Politics, where
and a strange fate will share the two.

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Toshiki Seto ? Hiroki Nakata ? Junna Ito ? Katsugo Suzuki ? Shiina Taizo ? Yojiro Murata ? Yumi Shinjo ? Gentoku Aoki ? Minori Suzuki ? Daisuke Nakagawa ? Yoshinobu Hirayama ? Masafumi Yokoyama ? Mitsuhiro Nagatomo?? sol?? Ryo Matsuda ? Takashi Hagino ? Kenji Taniguchi ? Koji Futaba ? Phoenix Rare ? ★One Day Special Guest? Nagatsuma Reo?? 2/7,8? #拠J慧悟?? 2/7,8?E?′I Sanko?? 2/9? ♂ Sota Yamura?? 2/10?E-‖ nd more


Writing, directing, producing? Daisuke Nishida


2021/12/3 (Fri) 〜2021/12/12 (Sun)

/Saturday, December 04,> 18:00
each 4 people

★ One Day Special Guest
- Thursday, December 9 18:00 performance: Kuriyama Kou

※ Opening time: 60 minutes before the start of the performance
※ Lobby opening / Product sales start / Benefit exchange start: 60 minutes before the start of the performance

Ticket Fee

! 13,000 yen → 10,300 yen 300P !

Tickets are [Phone Reservation] Is also available.
canfetti ticket center
0120-240-540 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Meijiza Theatre


※Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
※Wheelchair space is limited. If you are watching in a wheelchair, please purchase a seat reservation ticket and contact Disgoony info@disgoonie.jp Co., Ltd. / 03-6303-2690 as soon as possible
* This performance will be sold based on the event occupancy rate at the discretion of the government.
* Depending on future social conditions, performers, performance contents, schedules, ticket sales, etc. are subject to change.
* Tickets will not be refunded except if the performance is canceled or the organizer determines that it is unavoidable. When purchasing tickets, please make a judgment based on your physical condition and environment.
※ Please understand the performers and the schedule change. Even in the case of changing performers, changes to other days and refunds will not be given.
※ On the day of the performance, we may take photos of the scenes in the theater, broadcast, distribute, reproduce, etc.
※ You cannot change or cancel the contents after purchasing the ticket.
* The name and contact information registered at the time of ticket purchase may be provided at the request of public institutions such as public health centers. Please understand it beforehand.
* Purchase and resale of tickets for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited.
※ Please wear a mask at all times from waiting for admission to the completion of exit. Please refrain from conversations that are splashed. Loud cheering is prohibited.

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