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Sad Men's Desires, Jealousy, Betrayal ... And dreams fall.

fictional city, Tokyo. Men who gather there, aiming for 1,0000 gold. Desire, jealousy swirl, betrayal creeps in.
Even more, one mysterious and bewitching woman. The woman who was shrouded in this mystery is ....

While imagining the style of the american and Italian underworld in the 1920s, diamond ☆DOGS members, Kazuma Kawahara, Fukai Nagasawa, Toshimitsu Kodera and Keita Wakamatsu spin a stylishly dark world, centering on Yoshihisa Higashiyama and Kairi Hokusho.
of course a one-night story that incorporates songs and dances of various tastes.

A mysterious scented, bewildering SHOW ACT, please enjoy it.

aftertalk will be held! !
will hold an after-talk with various combinations over three times during the performance! If you have a performance ticket for
day, you can see it at your seat as it is after the performance.
Please enjoy a different time from the stage, such as highlights of each performer and work, episodes during rehearsals♪
★ Details are

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Yoshihisa Higashiyama ? Hokusho Kairi ? Kazuma Kawahara ? Nagasawa Fukai ? Toshimitsu Kodera ? Keita Wakamatsu ? DIAMOND☆DOGS? Nakatsuka Ryohei §a Tai-Ying-Ying"邇 R Class ●A Shinpei-osamu $V Kairi Yuu? omer


Writer and direction? Manari Ujikawa ? music? la malinconica ? choreography? Port Yurika 縲* Atsuko Rino? omer 縲. ☆D


2021/12/5 (Sun) 〜2021/12/12 (Sun)

Dec. 06 (Mon) 18:30 ★
Dec 07 (Tue) 18:30 ★
Dec 08 (Wed) 18:30
Dec. 09 (Thu) 18:30★
4-6 people each

★ After talk!
December 6 (Mon) 18:30 After the performance
performers: DIAMOND ☆DOGS

18:30 After the performance
performers: Yoshihisa Higashiyama Kitashokai / Ujikawa Mazani MC: Nakatsuka

Dec. 9 (Thurs.) 18:30 After the performance ended
Performers: Kazuma Kawahara Fukai Nagasawa Toshimitsu Kodera Keita Wakamatsu MC: Yasuo Wada

Ticket Fee

! 9,800 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → [Reserved seat redemption ticket] 8,200 yen and 4,000P ! (Updated 12/08 2:20 p.m.)

Tickets are [Phone Reservation] are also available.

(weekdays 10:00-18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Hakuhinkan Theatre


【Reserved seat redemption ticket】Please exchange for a seat ticket at the reception 45 minutes before the start on the day of
may not be available. Please understand it beforehand.

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