Tatsumura Yoga Institute Hasa screening
Directed by Hitoshi Tatsumura
【Earth Symphonies Nos. 3 and 9】 Hada's Screening

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Documentary film with a audience of 2.4 million
"Earth Symphony Nos. 3 and 9) Hashida's Screening" will be held!

Film The Earth Symphony is an omnibus documentary film series directed by Hitoshi Tatsumura, emboldened by the Gaia theory advocated by British biophysicist Dr. James Lovelock, "The Earth is a living entity in itself" and directed by Hitoshi Tatsumura.

The documentary film "Earth Symphony" woven by beautiful images, music, and a number of exquisite words has become a bible for people who are deeply interested in environmental problems and human spirituality, from "Earth Symphony No. 1" released in 1992 to the latest work "No. 8" released in 2015, With only grassroots voluntary screenings alone, it has mobilized a total of 2.4 million spectators, and the number has remained unchanged, making it an unprecedented long-run hit.

[morning part]

"Earth Symphony No. 3" ( ( Running time: about 150 minutes)

【 afternoon part]

"Earth Symphony No. 9" (running time: about 123 minutes)


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Earth Symphony No.3? Michio Hoshino <to Lehman Dyson<iInoa Thompson ? Voice appearance? Takaaki Enoki*Midori Riuchi§Toshiaki Ada°CO Kunihiko Tamura "Ryoko Pupa ? Earth Symphony No.9? Kenichiro Kobayashi<X Teebun Mizun 縲*{Yusuke || Keiko No¥3400*x Etsuko Etsuko$5000$Hogaki Kimseijo $Akiko Hogaki 縲♀%c Shinsho 縲♂ $ 縲 縲¢c Uchimura everyone narrated by mr. V Kawamura, <R Baken and his friends orchestra? Takaaki Enoki £Mayu ー


supervision? Hitoshi Tatsumura


2021/12/19 (Sun)

Dec. 19 (Sun)
[Morning] 10:00 Open / 10:30 Start
[Afternoon] 13:45 Open / 14:15 Start
※ Morning and afternoon, each time will be completely replaced

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All seats reserved: 1,200 yen (tax included)

Tickets are [Telephone reservation] are also available.

(weekdays 10:00-18:00)
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