Ichiten Shikai - Ryushi, Fanyu, Koi Noboru, Shozo no Kai - Chopped Hot Sake

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this meeting held three times a year by four veterans of the Tachikawa school,>
elaborate rakugo party

Rakugo Art Association, Tachikawa style veteran Shinuchi 4 people, this is also the 15th meeting. It is a good meeting with an atmosphere where the good relations and harmony between the performers reach the audience seats every time.

[scheduled program / appearance]
1, opening first
1, Tenkaji Iribuntei Fanyu
1, Shibahama Rishi
- Nakai -
, Monzaburo Inari Hayashi family Shozo , Noboru Takigawa Koi

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Irientitei Fanyu ? Tatsushi Tachikawa ? Shozo Hayashiya ? Noboru Takigawa



2021/12/7 (Tue)

Dec. 07 (Tue) 18:30
*Doors open 30 minutes before the show opens.

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limited to 12 people! 3,700 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → canfeti special price! (published on the ticket purchase page!) Get 1,400P ! (updated 7:00 p.m., 11/30)

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[WEB Reservation] only Reservations cannot be made by
by phone.

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National Entertainment Hall


18:30 12 people

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