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Chansomania II Aoi


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The second performance of "Chansomania" where "The Tale of Genji" is performed on a dance with chansons. Following the
premiere of "Kiriko no Maki", this time we will take up "Aoi no Maki".

◆ Synopsis
I heard that Mr. Genji's wife, Aoi, was pregnant, and the mistress Rokujo Gosho with high temper is a day suffering from jealousy. It becomes a living spirit some day while blaming such a mind as blaming even for me and Aoi is afflicted. Aoi gave birth to a boy shortly after, but she was dismissed without any time. In deep sorrow, when Genji, who was in mourning on the 49th at the left minister's residence, returned to the building after a long absence, she was growing up beautifully on purple, a girl who reflects the image of her beloved woman .

◆ Genji Monogatari × Chanson=Chansomania! !
Japanese classic "Tale of Genji" translated into more than 20 languages and passed down for a thousand years. This work that everyone knows if it is Japanese, but it is not that few people read it unexpectedly in "original text"? ? Then, the original text which is difficult as it is is read aloud at the same time as a modern Japanese translation. In addition, the story of love from ancient Japanese is set on the representative "Chanson" of the beloved song " Chansomania '.

◆ 2021 was from 2003 to early 18 when "Shansomania II ~ Aoi~"
"Kiritsubo no Maki". It is the appearance of the sequel at last. The jealousy and grudge of the woman hidden behind the splendid dynasty picture scroll finally kill the rival! It depicts the world of the ninth book "Aoi" with a particularly impact among "The Tale of Genji".
a simple white costume and this and a simple chair-only set were characteristic premieres. So, what kind of production will it be this time? Of course, this time we will perform with gorgeous live music. Beg your expectations!

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Kokazu Kano ? Hiroaki Harakawa ? Sadakaye Yamashita ? Kenichi Katsura ? Yasuhiko Oi ? Hiroshi Kitazawa ? Takeshi Yokomichi ? Yoji Akiba ? Tomohiko Isomura ? Daisuke Kobayashi ? Tomohiro Taniyama ? Takayuki Marukawa ? Takeshi Oshikita ? Hiroshi Nagasawa ? Yoshihisa Takeichi ? performance? Naohiko Serita Group


original? Callicarpa japonica? Writer and direction? Kokazu Kano


2021/11/26 (Fri) 〜2021/12/5 (Sun)

* Eligible performances
19:00<>br / Tuesday, November 30,> 7:00 p.m.,
5 each 30 people

※ Reception is 1 hour before the start of the performance, opening 30 minutes ago.
★=live streaming times (For distribution, the camera enters the audience.
delivery ticket is here Please check the>

Ticket Fee

! 6,500 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → [Reserved seat redemption ticket] and 2,400P ! (Updated 11/26 3:15 p.m.)

Tickets here are [Phone reservation] are also available.
(weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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【Reserved seat redemption ticket】Please exchange for a seat ticket at the reception 60 minutes before the start on the day of
may not be available. Please understand it beforehand.

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