The 73rd Performance of Theatrical Company No.6 Seed
12 me and Sena in the back alley

Performance cancelled

Performance content

[Important] Information from the organizers regarding the performance
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"12 Me and The Sena in the Back Alley" All performances from November 17, 2021 (Wednesday) to November 23, 2021 (Tuesday/ Holiday)
have been canceled.

[News from the organizers]

"12 Me and The Indorious Senna" Performance Cancellation Notice

Thank you very much for always supporting the troupe No. 6 seed.
The performance will be canceled due to the injury treatment of yasuhiro Higuchi for the stage "12 Me and The In the Back Alley Senna" scheduled to be held at NakanoBONbon from November 17 to 23.
was diagnosed as a fifth metacarpal fracture on the left, and treatment is currently continuing, but as a result of consulting with a doctor, we decided that the performance was difficult due to the program called tap dance. We apologize to those who have been looking forward to the
sorry for the inconvenience, but after understanding, thank you for your understanding.

Troupe No. 6 seed

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※ Please note that we will process and refund the canfetty points that have been increased or decreased at the time of purchase as appropriate.

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A tap dancer who is not even known to exist is a dream to be in the spotlight in the theater someday ... I don't have to have one, and I continue to live from hand to mouth. His daily life is comical and stimulating. Only strange guys who seem to mix reality and fiction color his life, such as "Beautiful you" who mediates him for work with a high-flying attitude, "Yakuza-kun passing by" who lends money immediately when he is in trouble, and "Professor K" who sometimes appears and returns with life lessons.
One day, a tap dancer meets a woman who says she is Senna in the back alley where she is always practicing. The encounter with Senna eventually brings him back to the hard world of reality. The tap dancer had multiple personalities. Senna foresees his future, a sight to tap in a bright and glowing spotlight. Tap dancers and "12 I" begin to walk toward the future.

Yoichi Matsumoto's ambitious work following "Playwright, Novelist and Scenario Writer"! An inspiring human story!

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6th Seed? Yasuhiro Higuchi ♂ F Miki Tagawa% Shunjo Do £ Nana Aonjo Kazuyuki Asawa ? Guest? Elizabeth Marie 縲 "k et Asuka 縲 @Tomoharu ??? Suzuki-ku, Tokyo? E-? ¥Shimoto Rehearsal & rJ Taishi?? 'J?koleit Brigade? E-? & Rena Sui$^Nomika ??? Dan Lapang Miscellaneous Goods? E-? *?? I Rigid??| You son of a chicken with a plum mushroom? E-? & Takashi Suno <I Odaira Takao £?Resaki ??? Dane no gu? "Ega?",笆笆{Real Crimson


Writer and direction? Yoichi Matsumoto ? Stage director? Katsuyuki Sawai ? art? Takuya Aoki ? illumination? Daisuke Sakakibara ? sound? Kanasaka Koya ? music? Naoyuki Kobayashi ? Director assistant? Miyuki Masno ? Tap dance choreography? Rena Hirai ? clothing? Taniguchi Natsumi ??? Suzuki-ku, Tokyo ? Visual photography? Reio Oyanagi ? distribution? Teppei Yamashita ? A vote ticket? Tsubasa Shimazaki ? Production cooperation? Mayumi Fujioka ? production? Theatrical Company No.6 Seed


2021/11/17 (Wed) 〜2021/11/23 (Tue)

November 17 (Wed) 18:00
14:00 / 18:00 ★
November 19 (Fri) 18:00
4 people each

★ ... Event after the performance: Cast talk show "Yasuhiro Higuchi and 16 Friends"
* The expected performance time is scheduled for 2 hours
* All stages live distribution (fixed point 1 turtle) is scheduled
* The opening is 30 minutes before the start.

Ticket Fee

! 7,500 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → 6,000 yen and get 2,000P ! (updated 11/10 3.45pm)

Tickets here are [Phone reservation] are also available.
canfetti ticket center
0120-240-540 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)
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